BSB #97 
Are We On the Verge of Extinction?

One scientist thinks it will happen before 2030
by J. Morris Hicks

In my latest public presentation which I reviewed in an earlier BSB, I featured five "big picture" scientists who believe that our civilization will collapse and that the human species will go extinct within 100 years. 

The youngest of those five scientists, Guy McPherson, has concluded that the world as we know it will end by 2025 and he describes his unthinkable vision of our rapid demise in a recent 3-minute video  (6-22-17) provided below.

While I choose to believe that we still have a chance to turn things around, I thought that I owed it to my readers to give them a "heads up" just in case Dr. McPherson is right. 

Warning! The only thing happy about this short video is the smiling faces in this photo:

Edge of Extinction by Guy McPherson, PhD
So there you have it. If Dr. McPherson is right and our civilization collapses before 2030, you will have at least been exposed to the idea in advance and will have had five or ten years to prepare yourself for the possibility of such a horrible event.

For me, HOPE is still alive. While we're up against many formidable hurdles, I choose to believe that we still have a fighting chance. But hundreds of millions of Earthlings everywhere need to begin taking urgent action soon if our planet is to have a chance of sustaining our civilization indefinitely. 

We need lots of help. It's crucial that we quickly attract the attention of the mainstream media and thousands of the world's most influential people.  As you can see from this chart in my latest presentation, we have a daunting task ahead of us--and we are LONG overdue in getting started.

Let's do the math.  The chart above states that, if everyone lived like the average American, our planet could only sustain one billion people indefinitely. With 7.5 billion already living here, it's clear that we have a lot of work to do. Not only do we need to dramatically lower our current population, we also need to  implement a much "greener" way to live on our planet.

Assumptions.  First, that much "greener" way to live simply must include the complete elimination of animal based foods from our diets--throughout the entire world. That change, coupled with many other green initiatives, could perhaps leave us with a planet that could support four billion people--indefinitely.

So, how do we lower the population by 3.5 billion? I don't know "how" we do that, but I do know that a humanitarian approach of gradually drawing down the population would take many decades, if not centuries. My calculations:
  • Current daily births = 380,000 ( )
  • Current daily deaths = 160,000
  • Current daily increase in population = +220,000
  • If we could lower the "daily births" to 100,000, we would reduce the population by 60,000 every day.
  • Even if we could do that, it would take 160 years to reach the 4 billion mark. We're looking at 2177.
The Bottom Line. Aggressively lowering the population is just one of many things we must do in order to save our civilization. But, as I say in my presentations, "how" to do all of the above is way above my pay grade. 

Final word from the past. Here's  what another one of my five  "big picture" scientists had to say about our future shortly before his death in 1997:

To view all 63 slides in my latest presentation, click on the first link below. Finally, please let me know if you'd like for me to make a presentation at a venue near you.
Be well,  J. Morris (Jim) Hicks

Promoting health, hope and harmony on planet Earth

Moonglow J. Morris Hicks

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