On September 1st, Shumla staff joined me in Dallas to share in a very special day as I married my love, Bart Hamlin.

Shumla's Founder, Carolyn Boyd, and her husband, Phil Dering, officiated our wedding. It was the perfect day full of joy, love and lots of celebration.
I will be taking my husband's name (Hamlin) and making my maiden name (Lee) my middle name. When you see an email or other correspondence from Jessica Lee Hamlin, that's me!
Alexandria Project Update

The Shumla team just finished documenting our 154th site and we've got lots of field days ahead. We're pretty excited for some cooler weather in the Lower Pecos.

Keep up with us on Facebook , Instagram , and LinkedIn to see pictures and stories. And don't forget about #MotifMonday !


We've got $100,000 on the table.
We need to match it!
We've already raised $44,371.

Help us meet the challenge.
Your gift to Shumla will be doubled!

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Shumla Match Challenge FAQ

1) Who made the challenge?
Two individuals and one foundation are partnering to lay down the $100,000 matching challenge. They are all so generous and have asked to remain anonymous.

2) How does it work?
We must raise $100,000 from our friends and supporters to match the challenge gift by December 31, 2019.

3) Can I send a check instead of give online?
Of course! You can send a check to our administrative mailing address:
5706 E. Mockingbird Ln. #115-363
Dallas, TX 75206

4) How can I keep up with Shumla's progress toward making the match?
Visit to see the status of our match challenge.

5) I'm an Alexandria Project Pledge Donor, does my pledge gift count toward the match?
YES! Alexandria Project Pledge Donors, who pledged in 2017 to give each year for the four years of our flagship archaeological project, are a very important part of our effort to make the match.

6) Why should I contribute?
Shumla's mission can only be achieved through the generosity of our friends and supporters. Through the Annual Match Challenge, your gift is doubled. That means each gift goes twice as far toward supporting our incredible team as we work to preserve the ancient murals of the Lower Pecos Canyonlands.
Thank you!
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