On-line Portal -- IDOL Prevailing Wage for Contractors Update
August 24, 2020


As a reminder, pursuant to PA 100-1177 and 820 ILCS 130/5.1, the Illinois Department of Labor is charged with developing and maintaining an online portal for prevailing wage construction contractors to file their certified payrolls with the department, otherwise known as Certified Transcript of Payroll portal. Beginning September 1st, 2020 – all certified payrolls for public works projects in Illinois MUST be filed with the Illinois Department of Labor. The Illinois Department of Labor held a training session on August 17th to help contractors become familiar with using the portal. For those of you who were unable to attend the training session, it is available online. 

The link also provides additional information, including downloadable forms. It is highly recommended that the individual who files certified payrolls for your company becomes familiar with using IDOL’s Certified Transcript of Payroll portal.