Thank you for keeping in touch with me and encouraging me always.

The Veggie Chest Cooking show has grown so much and now we are offering organic Ready-to-Eat vegan meals delivered in some cities (DC, MD, VA)! New cities will be added in the coming weeks. More at

I am launching something else NEW that I think you will LOVE!

I have switched gears and gone in a whole new direction many times in my life.

What I have found is that there are so many others like me that are tired of living in the life they created. You might be too.

I invite you to enroll in my FIRST online course: How to get out of the life YOU created.

Use this code NEWLIFE where you see “Have A Coupon”.

You will learn the steps that I discovered which allowed me to change direction in my life and HEY look at me now! :-D

ALSO I have a new VLOG which will teach you more about me and how I live my life.

For my birthday (this Thursday) I wanted to give YOU a present.

Stay tuned for even more exciting announcements!

Thank you

Dr. Ruby
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