Summer 2018 Newsletter  

    Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.
~Sam Keen~

What our Experts Have Been Up To  
Take a peek at the interesting pieces that come through our shop! 

DIY Repair Job

Do you have a wobbly chair, a huge nail & some wire? No problem! 
We have to give the customer 2 gold stars for ingenuity!

We Love Family Heirlooms! 

We updated a family heirloom to it's original beautiful look!
The photo above shows family members sitting in the same chair in the early 1900's. 
Vintage Dux 

Dux Inc. was established in 1926 by the Ljung family, who over four generations have produced some of the most comfortable and innovative furniture to emerge from Scandinavia.
Beautiful Old Dresser

"They refinished my dresser- beautiful. Couldn't stop saying-WOW!"  ~ CJ  
Utilitarian Ladders Turned into Quilt Displays!

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37th Anniversary Sale,  July 9-31st 
10% off refinishing services!
10-15% off in-store & website products!  
We offer a wide range of services to our customers and cover most aspects furniture restoration.

As far as Repair work, we do anything from basic gluing, to re-veneering, structural reinforcement, lathe work, wood carving, color matching, and stain/discoloration bleaching. If you have an issue, we'll give our best effort to fix it in a satisfactory and professional manner. We can also reproduce missing parts!

As the Finishing touch to a job, we offer a large selection of stain & tinting options for color, and apply a clear Glossy or Satin finish in our spray booth for protection.

Often times we will only do one aspect of restoration since many of our customers enjoy doing part of a project themselves. 

August Sale: Fabrics are 10% off! 

September Sale: Mar-a-Way 10% off 

Mar-a-way is an instant finish rejuvenator! 
It cleans and restores finish damaged with white spots caused by water & heat, as well as concealing nicks, scratches, and abrasions. It brings back the color and luster to all fine woods, while cleaning and revitalizing old finishes that have been dulled by time, water, soil, or oxidation. It can even renew finishes that have been damaged by superficial cigarette burns and scorching!

Our loss is your gain.. We're cleaning & clearing out discontinued stock up to 50% off. Check out our Clearance Items on the website.  
FRCO Favorites Favorite
The products our experts love! 
Daly's Wood Stain & Finishes 

Daly's Wood Finishing Products proudly made in the USA & has been a trusted brand in the NW for over 75 years. We've been using Daly's in our store for more than 30 years & we're still impressed by it's superior quality over the bigger name brands.

Please check-out our full line of  
Dayl's Products

N estle's CornerNestle
A dog's point of view...  

For 3 months I have been supervising Janis & Steve while they sort through the 2nd floor of our 1912 building. Boy, those two hate the idea of anything going to the landfill and so they have accumulated many many "treasures" over their 37 years in business! They were re-acquainted with some wonderful pieces of furniture & collectibles. I admit I had to be the voice of reason in some cases, asking the hard questions. For example, "Is this piece worth fixing?" You see, the plan is to create a retail space so our wonderful customers have a chance to take home a new treasure to two. (We'll also put these items on our website.) 
Anyway, the sorting is done and now the work begins on the retail space.
I'll keep you posted!
Happy Summer, Nestle    

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