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This is the time that many of us are trying to eat better, get more exercise and make healthier choices in our life. How is that accomplished?

It is important to concentrate on REAL, proven nutrition and not fad-type diets and information.
Real Versus Fake Nutrition
Hundreds of years
Early 1900’s and before
Unprocessed Food!
Liberal, Healthy Fats
Grass Fed Meat
(not lean)
Fish and Seafood
Whole, Raw Dairy, Butter and Cream
Pastured Eggs
Cod Liver Oil
Coconut Products
Cultured Food
Unprocessed Salt
Nuts & Seeds
Organic Fruits & Vegetables
(local & in season
when possible)


Hormone Stability
Slow Graceful Aging
Natural Healthy Weight
Mental Wellness
Strong Immunity
Boundless Energy
Anti Wrinkle
Anti Acne
Sound, Regenerative Sleep
Strong, Dense Bones
Healthy Pregnancy
Healthy Babies
Anti-Heart Disease

Past 40-50 years
Fads and fake nutrition:

Low Fat
Low Cholesterol
High Fiber, Low-Salt
Refined Vegetable Oils
Refined Grains
Excessive Sweet Fruits
Starchy Vegetables
Ultra Pasteurized, LowFat,
Skim Homogenized Dairy
Artificial Sweeteners
Sports Drinks (most)
Protein Powders (most)

Fatigue-Low Energy
Hormone Imbalance
Eating Disorders
Diabetes, Cancer
Heart Disease Alzheimer’s
Auto-Immune Diseases
Skin Problems
Learning Disabilities
Digestive Disorders
Mental Illness Addictions
Let's Talk About
The importance of minerals to for our overall vibrant health is hard to overstate. Some are required to give the “spark of life” to metabolic functions involving the creation of energy (as electrolytes), among many other important functions . Some minerals, such as magnesium, are an essential element for both animals and plants, involved in literally hundreds of enzymatic reactions affecting virtually all aspects of life.

In the book, Nourishing Traditions we learn the proper way to take in minerals is through mineral-rich water and properly prepared bone broths, nutrient-dense foods and beverages, and unrefined sea salt. We stock these items (and a recipe for properly prepared broth) at A Healthy Horizon!
Nourishing Traditions
Pick up Nourishing Traditions to learn more about how to properly prepare food at home to serve your family truly mineral-rich meals, snacks, beverages and more.
Celtic Sea Salt
Unrefined so that the mineral profile is retained; a truly natural, healthy sea salt.
Nuts are a top source of minerals. High mineral nuts include almonds, cashews, and for selenium: Brazil nuts. Below are some of the raw nuts we offer in the shop.
If you're interested in learning more about how to add mineral-rich foods to your diet, click on the link below. We recommend all the foods listed except tofu/soy due to GMO contamination issues. We carry many of the foods on the list including salmon, shellfish and several cacao choices.
Transdermal Magnesium
Another great way to absorb our minerals is through our skin (transdermally). This is done safely, with no side effects, with the added benefit of relieving sore, aching muscles, joints and stress. At A Healthy Horizon, we carry Transdermal Magnesium as an 'oil', lotion, or flakes to be added to a bath or foot soak.
Come see us for your oral magnesium needs as well. We offer several options that include the most digestible forms of magnesium available.
"Should I Supplement?"
Many nutrients work together, and this is why getting enough of each one of them is vital to our well-being. While supplementing our diet with isolated vitamins can be temporarily beneficial, the best, most balanced source of vitamins for the long term is properly prepared whole foods. Vitamins and minerals are better absorbed through our foods than supplements since our foods contain companion nutrients which help direct the vitamins and minerals into the correct cells. If we isolate a nutrient and take it in a different ratio through a supplement, it could potentially cause an imbalance of other nutrients. So, try to improve your diet before adding in supplements.

However, we are all different and there may be good reasons for you to add in a supplement. Doing so can fill a much-needed nutritional gap but before adding in a supplement, look for brands that concentrate on quality ingredients with few or no fillers. This is where we come in! At A Healthy Horizon, we carefully scrutinize all products before choosing them to ensure we can offer you the cleanest products, of the highest quality.

For more information on adding supplements to your routine, come to the shop and pick up your copy of the article:
"Supplements - Can Nutritional Supplements CAUSE Nutritional Deficiencies?"
For three generations Standard Process has been dedicated to making high-quality and nutrient-dense therapeutic supplements. Founded in 1929, they have maintained this high level of quality through the years.
Standard Process apply a holistic approach to how they farm, manufacture and protect the quality of their products. This approach ensures that their products deliver complex nutrients as nature intended. From raw materials to finished product only takes six weeks. Through the process, the raw materials are handled very carefully to maintain the quality.

The following products are just a few we offer from Standard process designed to bridge nutritional gaps including vital minerals.
A concentrated multiple vitamin, trace mineral and enzyme product.
Gluten-Free option available.
Organically Bound Minerals
A multi-mineral supplement. Best for those low in potassium, especially.
Trace Minerals-B12
Another mineral option..this one includes B12.
New Elixinol CBD Gummies
Try our new CBD gummies from Elixinol. They come in Assorted Flavor, Passionfruit, Mixed Berry, and Pineapple. Good Mood CBD gummies help with relaxation and stress. Made with full spectrum extract of hemp for an effective amount of CBD and delicious flavors.
Bulletproof Chocolate Dipped Collagen Bars!
This is no candy bar! Bulletproof's new Chocolate Dipped Collagen Bars are made with ingredients you can actually pronounce! They’re rich and indulgent, yet keto-friendly. With quality fats, like cashew butter and MCT oil, you will be satisfied and energized. All dipped in high-quality chocolate!

We have the Vanilla Cookie bar (tastes like a chocolate-dipped shortbread cookie) and Coconut (tastes like toasted coconut wrapped in dark chocolate).

**Also, GLUTEN-FREE and non-GMO, too!**

Come in and get yours, today!
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