June 15, 2022

Hello Jesse,

Springtime hope blooms in Kentucky!

Last week I visited our project in Mayfield, Kentucky where MDS volunteers are restoring hope in response to the early December tornadoes that left a devastating trail. Since December 17 we have been there cleaning up and rebuilding 15 homes. Ultimately, we hope to build for 50 clients.

It was a delightful time, this six-month anniversary, as we dedicated three homes. What joy to present a new Bible, stopping a moment to read from Psalm 127:1—“unless the Lord builds the house…the laborers labor in vain”—and hand over the keys to the front door.  

Afterwards, the coordinator for case management at the long-term recovery group Homes and Hope for Kentucky, Jane Bright, reflected on the day’s events. She said "with the new homes going up it is like the first signs of spring – like the daffodils and the March flowers coming up, and then they bloom." So this fall she is going to go back to each homeowner and will help them plant daffodil bulbs so that they have this imagery too. “I care about getting people home,” Jane says with pride.

“Everything happens for a reason,” exclaims Bill Paterson, as his wife, Barbara, hugs his arm. “When I returned in the dark after the storm to my house, I couldn’t believe what I saw when my flashlight shone on what was left of my house.” Suddenly I felt God telling me “it will be alright – I will get you a new house. And here we are, today, in my new house!”

Executive Director
Mennonite Disaster Service

Working together to help a family

get back home

A semester-long construction project is wrapping up and heading down the road.The home has been under construction for many months on the grounds of the Mount Academy in Esopus, New York—founded by the Bruderhof Christian community movement in 2012.

About 24 students in the construction tech program at the Mount Academy worked on the home, a partnership between Mount Academy, Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS) and Habitat for Humanity.

Now that home is moving 15 miles down the road to help a family move home.

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"I can't thank them enough"

“There was a metre (3 feet) of water in my house,” Sam Perera said when he finally got to Princeton, B.C. to see the damage. “It totally turned my life upside down.”

Downcast and worried about the future, he contacted the City of Princeton for help. They told him to contact Walter Wiebe, project director for Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS) Canada.

“They arrived at a time when I was so emotionally down. Not only did they fix my house, they lifted my spirits. They kept me from being overwhelmed.”

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Mennonite Disaster Service recruits, organizes, and empowers volunteers to repair and rebuild the homes of those impacted by disasters in the United States and Canada. We have opportunities for you to volunteer with MDS at various projects this fall!

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