November 15, 2023

Hello Jesse,

Let’s talk about emulsification—about MDS as an emulsifier. I am borrowing this concept from our former MDS Canada communications manager, John Longhurst, who first planted this idea. 


What’s an emulsifier? It’s an outside agent used to bring two opposing elements together—elements like oil and water. We eat emulsifications when we enjoy hollandaise sauce or mayonnaise.


At MDS, we are emulsifiers for people! We bring together volunteers from different countries, states, provinces, regions, ages, occupations, genders, political views, churches, conferences, and theological beliefs. We bring them together for one common purpose: To help people get back home. 


In some cases, volunteers may be totally opposite from one another in their viewpoints. They may see the world in totally different ways. They may vote differently, read the Bible differently and do church differently. They may disagree on who stands behind the pulpit, the type of church, or if worship is even in a church house. Sometimes they do that in ways that would prevent them from mixing with each other outside of MDS. 


But through MDS they have a chance to serve together, talk to each other, get to know one another, exchange points of view and, hopefully, find commonalities despite those differences.


MDS takes people who might not always easily mix and combines them together to help people get back home.


What about you? Do you see yourself as an emulsifier? We are called to be part of God’s provision of love for the world. My prayer is that God's love shown through you will be an emulsifier, now and in the years ahead.

Executive Director

Mennonite Disaster Service in U.S.

MDS is hiring!

MDS currently has two positions open.

Warehouse and Equipment Manager

Columbus, Mississippi

Field Operations Administrative Assistant

Lititz, Pennsylvania

We encourage you to take a look at the opportunities posted on our Employment page. Share these openings at your church and encourage others who might be interested.

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Join us in Fresno for

MDS Annual Celebration

Join us for the Annual Celebration, February 23 & 24 in Fresno, California. Be inspired by stories about volunteers making a difference across the U.S. and Canada.

Registration is now open.

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MDS Annual Report now available

The Mennonite Disaster Service Annual Report for 2022-2023 is now available.

The Annual Report includes information on the work done by MDS volunteers.

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MDS Early Response explained

Early response, which begins when search-and-rescue is complete, can be removing trees, tarping houses, or mucking out houses after a flood. If a roof is partially blown off, we may tarp that roof to mitigate further damage. Or a fallen tree might be resting on the house, and we might saw the tree off, then tarp the roof so the rain doesn’t come in.

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MDS has volunteer opportunities for you this fall!

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call 1-800-241-8111 with any questions or to schedule a week. 

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Your continued support helps with recruiting volunteers, moving equipment, setting up accommodations, replenishing supplies, and many other things needed to get going.


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