Annual Installation Scheduled for October 2

The October 2 nd  Installation and Awards Banquet marks the start of the final few months of a very successful term under the leadership of HBRAMA President, Hunter Marosits, and his team including President Elect, Matt Anderson, Vice President, Emerson Clauss III, Vice President / Treasurer, Jeffrey Brem, P.E., Secretary, Robin Ward, and Immediate Past President, Gary Campbell.  We also appreciate the incredible support and tireless efforts of HBRAMA Executive Officer Joe Landers who is the glue which keeps our Association moving forward in a positive direction. We very much thank Hunter and his team for their dedication to the Association and our industry, and we look forward to continued success under President Elect, Matt Anderson who will be installed on October 2 nd and will begin his term on January 1 st , 2020.

We would also like to recognize this year's Legends of the Industry:

Scott Colwell, Owner, Hoover Realty Trust & Colwell Homes, BRAGB

Mike Duffany, Founder & Owner, M. Duffany Builders, HBRACC

Michael E. McDowell, CBO, President, Total Construction, Total Real Estate & The Building Inspector of America, HBRAWM

John T. Smolak, Partner & Co-Founder, Smolak & Vaughan LLP, Attorneys at Law, NEBA