Fall is finally here and with that comes family fun, travel plans and lots of treats for all. 
We know that many of you have trips planned for the upcoming holidays and encourage you to scope out our In-Home Vacation Pet Sitting options if you plan to leave your pets behind.  

All of our services are customizable - whether you need a quick visit to care for your cat or a full day/night of services for your furry family, we are here to help.  Check out our new package options below and snag some great savings on your scheduled pet sits. Visits do book up quickly around this time of year, though, so please get your requests in soon!

While you're at it, check out our Halloween Contest on our Facebook Page and enter your pets for a chance to win great prizes.  My cat, Bee, was less than thrilled about her entry, but perhaps your pets will be more enthused!

Prizes include: 
  • 1 Year of Flea & Tick Prevention from Jefferson Veterinary Hospital
  • $50 Gift Certificate towards OTM Services
  • $50 Gift Certificate towards Silver Pet Prints

Bethany Stevens


Pet Sitter World Conference 2017  

 Bethany and Alyse had the opportunity to  attend the Pet Sitter World Conference in New  Orleans in September.  Alongside other industry  leaders, they learned tips and tricks of the trade  and are excited to share them and improve our  offerings here at On the Move.  

New & Noteworthy

Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year's, oh my! The holidays are coming up quickly, but they'll go even quicker! Remember to book your vacation pet sitting in advance to ensure availability for your furry friend!   Details for all of our services can be found online.

Scope out our *NEW* VIP Pet Sitting Service 

Meet Tammy & Sarah! 
Sarah was born in Baltimore, Maryland and then moved to Rochester when she was 6, staying there until she graduated from Victor in 2014. She went to school in North Carolina for her freshman year of college and then transferred to Penn State.  Sarah is now in their online program to wrap up her degree - Business with Marketing and Management. She has always had pets from just a turtle and fish when she was 8 to her family dogs; a German Shepherd, Beagles, Shih Tzu's and Chocolate Labs - she absolutely loves having a job that she can play with mini friends!

Tammy has loved animals since she was a baby. Instead of dressing dolls up in their doll clothes, she would dress her stuffed animals and even her pets in the doll clothes! She grew up with Chihuahuas and cats...who wore plenty of doll clothes!  Until recently, Tammy was a Property Manager for over 15 years but decided to finally follow her dreams...and that is to work with animals. This also allows her more time to spend home with her family! She has 2 children (1 son and 1 daughter) and of course, 2 dogs, Caramel (a Lab/Boxer/Pit mix), Tank (a Chihuahua/Miniature Black Lab mix), 2 cats, Blaze and Smokey, Honey Bee (the Lion Head bunny) and a fish! Being able to spend such quality time with animals is truly a blessing...she treats every single animal as if they were her own. They're our kids, after all!
We Appreciate Your Referrals!

As new and continued clients of On the Move Pet Care, we want to extend a big "Thank You" for choosing us to care for your pets when you can't be there.   We recognize that our growth is due in large part to your willingness to refer our services to others. 

We are offering a special Referral Incentive of $10 OFF your next invoice if you choose to write a  Yelp, Google, Facebook or  Next Door Review for On the Move. In addition, whenever you refer new clients to OTM and they mention your name, you will receive a 10% discount off your next monthly invoice once the new client purchases services. 
There is no greater testimonial than sharing your kind words with others, so thank you once again for choosing On the Move and continuing to spread the word!

Did you know...

Caring for a pet is worth a lot more than just close companionship! 
Here's 8 Impressive Health Benefits of Pet Ownership:

 1. Stress relief.  There's a reason some universities and grad schools have programs that bring in pets during finals week. Simply being in the same room as a dog or cat can lower your cortisol levels, and even more so if you're petting them.

2. Improved physical fitness. If you've ever taken care of a friend or family member's dog, then yo u've probably noticed a significan t increase in your activity over the day simply by taking the animal out to use the restroom or taking them on a short walk. Owning a pet not only gets you up and moving more, but it can help you be more productive throughout the day since your energy is already up.

3. Decrease chronic pain. Pets are shown to increase endorphin levels. Endorphins can be powerful pain relievers, which you may have noticed if you've ever experienced a runner's high. In addition, caring for a pet can be a positive distraction from pain.
4. Lower cholesterol. A survey by the Australian National Health Association showed that people, especially men, who own pets have lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels than non-pet owners.

5.  Lower blood pressure.  Along the lines of lower stress and cholesterol, pets also significantly decrease blood pressure, according to a study at the State University of New York at Buffalo.
6. Allergy prevention in children. A study published in Clinical & Experimental Allergy demonstrated that children exposed to pets when they were less than six months old were less likely to develop allergies later in life.
7. Overall mental health. Pets not only give you unconditional love, but they also give you something to love and care for as well. Pets boost self-esteem, along with feelings of autonomy and confidence, making you feel more self-acceptance.
8. Improve relationships. The Journal of Applied Developmental Science found that young adults with pets were better able connect to others and within their communities than those without pets. Pets can also be wonderful for families because they teach children kindness, respect, and responsibility.

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