Issue 4.26
June 29, 2018
Meet Superstars in Education Winner
Go Baby Go!
Students studying STEM curriculum at Smyrna Middle School (SMS) are currently applying their knowledge to modify battery operated cars with adaptable gears, programming, switches and safety supports. Why? Staff at SMS desire to empower students to lead their own discovery and project-based learning, while incorporating the district’s core value: compassion.
Legislative Report
Rich's last Legislative Report wrapping up his last legislative session as President of DSCC.
Legislative Report Blooper Reel
Legislative Priority
This Week in Dover
by James DeChene

This week in Dover featured the crush of bills needed to be heard before the end of session early morning July 1.

NEW Chamber Action Network with James DeChene
DSCC Senior Vice President of Government Affairs James DeChene talks Chamber actions and thoughts on Delaware legislative issues. Follow us on social media to stay tuned in!
Delaware's Schools: Responding to a Changing World
by Paul Herdman

Each year, Superstars in Education shows us that positive change in Delaware public schools is not only possible—it’s happening as we speak. That claim may seem obvious, especially when the pages that surround this one are celebrating five standout school programs. But what about the rest of the year? In my day-to-day travels as the president of the Rodel Foundation of Delaware, I find that some old narratives cling to our public schools. 

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