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A real estate newsletter with Susie White
Volume 1 | Issue 10 | October 2019
If our state flag is an accurate indicator, South Carolinians love trees. Our flag with palmetto tree and crescent moon against a dark blue background consistently ranks top of the best, most memorable state flags in the United States.

There are several notable trees in our state, all worthy of a road trip to see them . Two on the top ten list are in the upstate. The “Medusa Tree” at the edge of Falls Park is an amazing beech tree with exposed roots that begs to be photographed and admired. Also noteworthy is the Centennial Bur Oak on Clemson’s campus, which is the largest bur oak in South Carolina with massive branches and a circumference of 15 feet.

Now that we are finally enjoying cooler weather, this is the perfect time to tackle some landscaping projects at your home, particularly if you are looking to add trees to your gardens. Milder temperatures allow the root systems of trees to establish so that by the time spring arrives, a healthy root system will support the full surge of spring growth.

A properly selected, correctly planted and cared for tree will provide numerous benefits for generations. Several factors have an impact on a tree’s survival, growth and health. You will want to consider the soil, moisture, light, temperature and space before selecting the type of tree and location before planting.

TreesUpstate is a wonderful nonprofit in Greenville. With a mission to plant, promote and protect trees in and around Greenville County, the organization is a terrific resource for our community. I encourage you to take a look at their Tree Selection and Placement brochure when considering what trees to plant and where.


Where there are trees, there are leaves that need to be raked (or blown). If you just raked a pile of leaves and get called away before you can finish picking them up, revert to a childhood practice of stomping on the piles. A good stomp will help prevent the wind from scattering the pile before you return to finish the task.

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