My Response to President Biden's Joint Address

This week, I attended President Biden's Joint Address to Congress. It was an honor to be invited and attend, and I went into the speech with an open mind.
I didn't expect to agree with the President on everything. However, I was hopeful he would lay out a clear plan to rein in wasteful spending to respect taxpayers, secure our border to keep Iowa families safe, and prioritize the needs of rural Iowans through a targeted infrastructure package. 
I was ultimately disappointed in the policies laid out in his speech. President Biden outlined a vision that would massively expand the government’s involvement in our lives at the expense of small businesses, workers, families, and rural America. I don’t believe in government being the answer to everything, I believe people are the answer.
The Biden Administration has already spent trillions of dollars we don’t have and continues to propose spending packages with trillion dollar price tags. In his speech, he called for $4 trillion dollars in new spending—he talked a lot about fluff and a lot of free stuff without explaining how we would pay for it. The Biden Administration keeps acting like the government has a blank checkbook, but ultimately taxpayers will foot the bill and the next generation will be saddled with our debt. I’m worried about what the Biden Administration’s big spending, big government policies will do to our economy when we most need growth. 
I was also disheartened that he did not lay out solutions to the crisis at our Southern Border, or even acknowledge the worsening situation. Iowans are concerned about this crisis, and not to acknowledge it was unacceptable. The out of sight, out of mind approach to the border crisis is wrong—the President can’t just ignore the influx of illegal immigration that is overwhelming our facilities and agents and the 233% increase in fentanyl seizures, and hope it all just goes away. Americans deserved to hear a plan to secure our border.
The President also made it clear that his Administration would be doubling down on an infrastructure proposal that doesn’t invest in real infrastructure. Rural Iowans and Americans need investments in roads and bridges, locks and dams, and broadband. The President knows there would be bipartisan support for that type of infrastructure investment, and I wish he would have taken the opportunity to reverse course on his initial proposal and commit to the bipartisan, targeted infrastructure plan we need. 
Although I disagreed with the President's vision for our country overall, I am glad he called on Americans to receive their COVID-19 vaccine. I believe that is the key for us to return to normalcy and I will continue to encourage Iowans to get vaccinated. I also appreciated his passionate comments on eradicating cancer and am looking forward to reviewing more details on how we can harness the ingenuity of the American medical community to help do so.
My friend, Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), gave the Republican response to the address and I was extremely impressed and inspired by what he had to say. Senator Scott said common sense makes common ground and I couldn’t agree more with that philosophy. While we didn’t hear a lot of common sense, actionable policy from the President, I am committed to finding common ground where I can for Iowans and will continue to look for opportunities to do so. 

ICYMI: Newsmax Interview
I joined Newsmax live after President Biden's Joint Address.
We need pro-growth policies that will set up our economy for success long-term and ensure that the next generation has opportunities, not mountains of debt. Excessive spending, combined with more government regulations proposed by the Biden Administration will hold our economy back. 

I have real ideas on how to grow our economy post-pandemic. I recently introduced the Red Tape Reduction Act. This legislation codifies and protects five of President Trump’s executive orders that focused on deregulation so that businesses, workers, and families have the freedom to succeed.

Read my full op-ed on how the Red Tape Reduction Act will help get our economy back on track here.
Hearing from Iowans: IA-01 Sheriff Roundtable

Yesterday, I held a roundtable with local sheriffs to hear directly from them about public safety challenges and concerns in our communities right now, including those stemming from the crisis at the border. We discussed the recent spike in drug overdoses from opioids, as well as issues they are experiencing with recruiting and retaining officers. I am so grateful for our law enforcement officers, and I will continue to support them in any way I can.
Letter: Border Wall Construction Update
I joined my colleagues on the House Appropriations Committee in requesting an update from Vice President Harris on the result of the 60-day freeze of border wall construction. The previously appropriated funds should be used immediately to continue this construction and secure our border. Vice President Harris needs to reinstate these approved funds to stop the staggering number of migrants illegally crossing our border and help our security and law enforcement officers on the frontlines of this crisis. Read the full letter here.
Meat on the Table Month: Farmer Highlight
As we wrap up Meat on the Table Month, I wanted to highlight one of our awesome IA-01 beef producers! The Wyntheins and many other family farmers in Iowa work so hard to get high-quality beef to people’s kitchen tables. We have to continue to support Iowa's beef industry!
Learn more about their farm:

“My wife and I raise kids, corn, and cattle in Northeast Iowa. Our farm operation is located just north of Arlington as you move out of the prairie and into the hill country. We grow corn, soybeans, and hay in our fields, and utilize the wooded hillsides to pasture our cow/calf herd. We feed out our own weaned calves to market weight, allowing us a unique perspective of the whole process from start to finish. We are passionate about local farmers feeding local families and have begun direct to consumer marketing through Brush Creek Family Beef. We farm with my parents, and value generational stewardship of the land and animals God has entrusted to our care.” - Tyler Wynthein
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