Updates on IA-01

I have had a great few weeks traveling around our district and hearing directly from Iowans and community leaders about how I can best serve them in Congress.

Before heading back to Washington this week, I had the opportunity to join some of our local beef producers for a great lunch at Murph’s Creamery and Grill in Tama in honor of Meat on the Table Month. We discussed challenges facing cattle producers in our district and policies in DC that are important to their operations. I also had an informative meeting with leaders of the Sac & Fox Tribe of the Mississippi. We discussed the need for improved housing options as well as the ongoing derecho recovery process in their community.

This week, I introduced the Red Tape Reduction Act, legislation that will make five of President Trump's most effective deregulatory executive orders permanent. President Trump worked to unravel the regulatory web in Washington and put American small businesses, farms, and livelihoods first. This helped unleash the greatest economy in modern history. Unfortunately, the Biden Administration is reinstating the regulatory web that pulls down our economy and hurts Iowa's farmers, small businesses, and working families. In my opinion, bureaucrats from DC who have never set foot in our state should not be able to force one-size-fits-all mandates on Iowans. I will keep working to reduce burdensome regulations and limit the government's role in our lives and businesses.

This past Tuesday marked my one-hundredth day representing our district in Congress! In my one hundred days, I have cosponsored over a hundred pieces of legislation to help Iowa workers, families, farmers, seniors, and small businesses. I have also helped introduce and cosponsor legislation to hold China accountable, defend the unborn, and make the government more accountable to American taxpayers.

My focus will always be on what matters to Iowans sitting around kitchen tables, not the latest headlines consuming the DC bubble. It is an honor to serve you here in Congress, and please know that I will keep working on issues that matter to you.

Read on for more about my work in Washington this week!

Remembering Sergeant Jim Smith
Our community is coming together to honor and remember the incredible life of Sergeant Jim Smith, who died tragically in the line of duty last week. Please join me in continuing to pray for his family, friends, and fellow officers. Watch my speech on the House Floor honoring his life and legacy of service to our community.
Southern Border Briefing
Debriefing My Visit to the Southern Border
Over the past few days, countless Iowans have asked me to detail my experience visiting our southern border. I reported back on what I saw and heard, how this crisis impacts Iowa, and how we can address it. Click here to watch.
Meat on the Table Month
We did our part for Meat on the Table Month at Murph's Creamery & Grill in Tama! I was joined by some of our local beef producers to discuss challenges facing their operations and ways we can support them. We talked about land stewardship, agriculture markets, and biofuels while enjoying some Iowa beef!
Improving Mental Health Care Access for Veterans
This week, the entire Iowa delegation teamed up to introduce the Sergeant Ketchum Rural Veterans' Mental Health Act, legislation that will improve rural veteran mental health care. Sergeant Ketchum of Davenport, Iowa, committed suicide after he was denied access to mental health services related to his post-traumatic stress disorder at a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) facility in Iowa. His tragic story is too common among veterans, especially those in rural areas who have difficulty accessing critical mental health services. This legislation will help increase mental health services for veterans and ensure those who served our country have the support they need and deserve once they return.
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