July 3, 2020

Planning for Safely Re-Opening Our Shul.  

The Re-Entry Task Force continues to build out the plan for safely reopening CBS. We remain on target to have our staff return to the building full time next Monday, July 6. As you may have heard, our Executive Director, Karen Tashman, has been ill. We are happy to report that Karen has tested negative for the coronavirus, but she may or may not be back in the office on Monday.  

Returning to the office does not mean a full return to “normal.” The coronavirus pandemic is still with us, so we must continue to be mindful of medical and regulatory guidance regarding cleanliness and social distancing.  

During these last three months, we have all found that we can accomplish most of our business with the office through telephone, mail and email. We encourage you to continue to interact with the office through these means when possible.  

When you must come to the office, we are implementing the following protocols for your protection and the protection of our staff: 

  • An appointment is required in order to prevent having too many people present at once. We generally will schedule only one non-employee at a time. To make an appointment, please call (727) 531-1418. 
  • When you arrive at CBS, you will enter through the office door. When you leave, you will exit through the library. We will post signs to indicate the traffic flow. 
  • All in-person appointments will take place in the library to allow for appropriate social distancing. 
  • Masks are required for staff and non-staff alike. You must bring your own mask. 
  • Hand sanitizer will be placed in key spots.
  • Restrooms in the school area are closed.
  • Office restrooms will be cleaned after each use.
  • In order to cut down transmission through common touching, please refrain from touching the mezuzah at the entrance and please bring your own pen for any writing that may be necessary.  

We may adjust these protocols based on our experience.  

Adherence to these practices will help us to minimize everyone’s exposure to the coronavirus. We appreciate your understanding.  

Several members have written to our Task Force at our special email box, and we appreciate your input. If you have suggestions, questions or comments, please contact us by email at ReEntryTask Force@cbsclearwater.org .

Thank you for your continued support.  

Steve Shepard
CBS Re-Entry Task Force Chairperson