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SWEETen Your Time Management Strategy
Many of you know that I've been working on a Time Management Organizer and Planner for awhile now. I'm happy to report that I'm down to the final stages of finishing up!

During the process of doing research for the TMO&P I found myself discovering intriguing strategies that people use to manage their time, of course this information sparked new ideas. It was interesting to discover ways to incorporate those new ideas in the TMO&P, but frustrating because with each new idea, I'd add several hours and pages to the TMO&P! A perfect example of how a solid plan always has room for improvement.

One of the fun ideas I played around with was how to take a SWOT analysis and create something relatable to time management. I came up with the SWEET analysis. It's super simple and easy to remember too.


Here's my simple plan to help you SWEETen and simplify your time management strategy:

1. Strategy  If you ask any project manager they'll tell you that 90% of any project's success lies in the strategy, or the plan. The more time spent on the plan, the less time dealing with challenges and problems later. That doesn't mean that a strategy won't change from time to time, but what it does do is give you is a clear path to get to the finish line.                                                                                                                                                    
2. Wasters  - You need to know your time wasters, to do that you need to measure what you actually do with your time. Just like budgeting your money, if you don't know what's coming in and what's going out it's very difficult to build a budget that works. Keep track of what you do with your time for an entire week; at the end of the week find your weak spots. Any good plan is only as good as the weakest point.

3. Effort  - You must be willing to take the time and effort to build and maintain a solid time management strategy. Select a time of day and dedicate that time, each day, to build a plan for the following day. It's time well spent and it worth the effort.

4. E xecute It doesn't matter how elaborate your time management plan is if you don't take action and do the work. Execution results in accomplishment! If you're going to take the effort to plan, make the commitment to execute!

5. Tools - There are a number of effective tools you can use to manage your time. Something as simple as a daily to do list is one way to get started. If you go to our webpage at,  in the right hand column of the page is a link to our Time Management Tool (TMT). It's an effective tool that will help you to prioritize your projects and tasks so you get everything accomplished with time to spare! Pick something that works for you and use it consistently.


I hope this simple acronym helps you with your time management strategy. I'd love to hear from you too. If you have a time management tip, advice, or tool that works for you, please share.

If you're planning to attend the NINETC conference in Durant next month, come by our booth, we're giving away a Time Management Organizer and Planner every day AND I'm giving one away in each of my three workshops.
See you on the road! - Katreena & Jeff
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