Why, why, why doesn't the Hawaii GOP Fight?

Aloha Republicans:
This Thursday at 8pm, two days from now, PBS Hawaii will be airing a live episode of its weekly program Insights.  The topic?  "Why does our local Republican Party seem to be disappearing?"  That is quite a subject!!
Now, it's pretty unlikely that the show will get into any useful insights in the way that HIRA provides highly detailed answers to this crucial question about the GOP's decline.  But, it speaks volumes that the Miriam Hellreich-controlled Hawaii Republican Party (HRP) will be the subject of yet another news story which resembles a political obituary.

According to former state senator Sam Slom, he posted on his Facebook page overnight that "no one from the HRP agreed to be on" on the live TV show.  However, Slom will be a guest on the show along with closet Democrat Beth Fukumoto (representing all Republicans in Hawaii) plus a political reporter from Hawaii Public Radio.

On this Thursday's episode of Insights, you probably won't hear revealing details like how East Honolulu district chairs Ellie Giles and Brad Burton , Oahu county chair Larie Manutai and state chair Fritz Rohlfing abandoned their posts and basically conspired to do absolutely nothing during helpful to Sam Slom during the 2015-16 campaign season ( with party empress Hellreich's blessing ) so that Slom would lose the state senate seat out of 25 held by a Republican.
But, in many ways, our party's steady decline has brought us to the worst point ever in Hawaii Republican history, where ONLY SIX elected Republicans hold office out of 120 county, state and federal offices in Hawaii.  That's only 5%.  And if/when RINO Beth Fukumoto follows her liberal heart to the Democrat Party, the new percentage would be merely 4% of offices held by the GOP.
But, as any reasonable person would agree, losing Fukumoto to the Democrats would be nothing like losing Slom.  Slom actually voted like a Republican more often than not, whereas Fukumoto votes like a Democrat most of the time.
And Fukumoto is not the only RINO who smiles at you during Republican fundraisers while regularly stabbing Republicans in the back like big-spending, high-taxing traitors.  Only a few days ago, half of our six Republicans voted to raid your wallet by increasing the regressive General Excise Tax (GET) for forty years to help reward Democrat special interest groups by funding Democrat Kirk Caldwell's wasteful rail boondoggle.
Who   were these backstabbing RINO's joining with Democrats for this big money grab?  Bob McDermott (Ewa Beach), Beth Fukumoto (Mililani) and Lauren Cheape (Waialua).  Auwe to these RINO's who supported House Bill 349 .  And kudos to Fukumoto's recent replacement (as minority leader) Andria Tupola, as well as Cynthia Thielen and Gene Ward for voting "NO" on this tax scheme to bleed Hawaii residents dry in order to fund the Democrat Machine and the Rail Cartel for the next four decades.
An even bigger question which PBS Hawaii will probably not investigate is where is the Hawaii GOP ???   Why is the Hawaii Republican Party's organization refusing to lead the fight against any of the tax increases, any of the wasteful spending, or any of the nutty social engineering being contemplated by the Hawaii State Legislature and our Democrat governor?
Why has our party gone AWOL while half of island residents struggle paycheck to paycheck and virtually every statistic is getting worse?  Who issued the 'stand down order' which has allowed four months to silently slip by without any communications or canvassing or lobbying since the November 2016 general election; leaving voters none the wiser about how Democrat policies and politicians are harming their lives?  And who is keeping the Hawaii GOP from assertively promoting Republican policy solutions which will make life better in the islands?  This authority to do absolutely nothing rests with top party leaders (and their loyalist RINO supporters).
Look, we have a state party organization, five county party organizations, 51 house district organizations, and 246 precinct organizations.  We have a super-expensive headquarters and a paid staff.  The very same people have been leading the party into the dumps for years.  Why is the Hawaii GOP in hiding?
Is the party of Miriam Hellreich, Fritz Rohlfing and Pat Saiki AWOL from pursuing a successful future for the Republican Party in Hawaii because they don't want to rock the boat or because they simply don't have the guts and/or the savvy to lead the charge?  Are they purposefully silent about taxes, spending, debt, poverty, crime, corruption, and the crazy social agenda of Democrats because they really aren't that bothered we only hold 5% of seats in Hawaii and our state is in decline?  It sure seems that way.
When newspaper columnists and shows like PBS Hawaii's "Insights" ruminate and speculate about why the Hawaii GOP is in decline, they typically don't have inside information nor even the determination to step back to consider obvious facts.
But here are the obvious questions which should be asked:
  1. Is the Republican Party of Hawaii doing anything about anything?
  2. Why won't the Hawaii GOP clearly differentiate itself, its policies and its candidates from the ruling Democrats so that voters know they are getting a real choice rather than just microscopic, cosmetic differences?
  3. When's the last time you saw a TV commercial from the party explaining why people should 'vote Republican' or at least 'not vote Democrat'?
  4. Why isn't the Hawaii GOP using its party organization and resources to battle Democrat proposals at any level of government?
  5. Why does it spend $15,000 per month on administrative overhead and ZERO on campaigning, lobbying, and/or messaging?
  6. And why does it matter SO MUCH to Miriam Hellreich, Fritz Rohlfing and Pat Saiki (and their puppets) to use all their energies and extensive cheating to retain control of the party, year after year, decade after decade, when their record of failure is so obvious for all to see?
  7. Don't they have the decency to step aside like any failed leaders of any nosediving organization?
  8. Is it their mission in life to keep the Hawaii GOP from asserting its Republican identity and winning elections so we can repeal and replace failed Hawaii Democrat policies?

Anyway, prepare to be frustrated while watching PBS Hawaii's program this Thursday night at 8pm.  You will undoubtedly hear defeatist utterances come from the mouth of Beth Fukumoto, as she blurts out useless pablum.  "Hawaii is a blue state, there's nothing you can do."  "Now that Trump won, it will be even harder for Hawaii voters to support Republicans."  "Miriam and Fritz are building a farm team of great candidates and our party is going to be very candidate-centric."  Try not to throw heavy objects at your flat screen TV.  Remind yourself that Fukumoto, like Hellreich, Rohlfing and Saiki, are not real Republicans.  These are the RINO's who hijacked our party so that Democrats could coast to victory each election and continue making life miserable for island residents (with the help of a shrinking caucus of elected RINO's who vote like Democrats on everything from higher taxes to support for Obamacare to sanctuary state driver's licenses for tens of thousands of job-stealing, wage-depressing illegal aliens in Hawaii).  Keep in mind that our party's leaders are VERY DIFFERENT from officers of parties in the other 49 states where those organizations are trying to win and are succeeding.
Just remember that prior to the 2016 election, Team Hellreich's puppet Fritz Rohlfing boldly and confidently predicted that the GOP would PICK UP SEATS in both the State Senate and the State House.  Rohlfing wants to you forget those predictions, since we actually lost Republicans in the Senate (Sam Slom) and House (Feki Pouha).  Rohlfing also wants you to forget that the Hawaii GOP stood down and did nothing to help those predictions come true, just like he wants you to forget that the party is deliberately doing nothing RIGHT NOW to fight the tax increases, the wasteful spending, and the dangerous social agenda of the increasingly 'progressive' Democrat Party in Hawaii . . . which is now run in the Aloha State by hard-left Bernie Sanders campaign supporters.

Those Bernie Sanders liberals are the very people that Bob McDermott, Beth Fukumoto, Lauren Cheape and Miriam Hellreich's party officer puppets (above) have jumped into bed with; a bed which already holds Kirk Caldwell, David Ige, Joe Souki, and other Democrats whose favorite subject is the suicide of the Hawaii Republican Party by its own leaders. 
As HIRA has shown , Beth Fukumoto and GOP state chair Fritz Rohlfing have an arrangement that the Hawaii Republican Party will be silent and neutral on everything unless Beth Fukumoto and her fellow incumbents say otherwise.  And together, they are deliberately keeping Republicans from exercising influence on our government and keeping Republicans down in the process.
Republicans need to be leading the fight to stop bad legislation at the State Capitol and the four county councils while doing what we can to influence how our four-member delegation in Congress on each issue.  This is a 24/7/365 job for the two years between each election.  It's the whole point of being involved in politics.  But if you add being totally silent and neutral with losing elections, then the liberals win.
SO, WHY WHY WHY?   Why aren't we making the case??  Why aren't we leading the fight at the legislature and county councils??  Why aren't we educating voters all year long about how Democrat elected officials are voting against the interests of taxpayers?
Like anything in life, either something matters or it doesn't.  To the RINO leaders of Hawaii's Republican Party, they just don't care about winning and they just don't care about public policy.
Now, they really, really do like to go to parties and conventions and inaugurations and fundraisers.  And they clearly like to have impressive sounding titles next to their names like State Chair, Vice Chair for Coordinated Campaigns, County Chair, Minority Leader Emeritus, and so on.  But they don't seem to realize that their ship is quickly sinking or that they are taking us all down with them.

Fellow Republicans, it's long past time to begin fighting like we actually care about Hawaii.  If you're fed up that your own party has relegated itself to the sidelines in total silence -- while party leaders deliberately refuse to make the case for our policies and our reforms (basically setting the stage so that confused voters continue voting for Democrats) -- then you belong with HIRA, where we take the issues and policy and elections VERY seriously.
Join HIRA today and change Hawaii tomorrow!

President, Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA)
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