Out of the darkness...and into the Light
Troubled by the decision to abort her child and having allowed the abortionist to place a laminaria inside her the day before so the procedure would allow the abortuary to remove a 15-week-old baby from her womb, the mother spoke with Jarod twenty feet from the door of the clinic.

Jarod coached her about going to the Pregnancy Help Center instead to get the laminaria removed.

The woman went into the abortuary and was not treated well by the workers who lied to her about the dangers of removing the laminaria. She realized Jarod was right and left the clutches of the demons and into the safe place of our team outside.

I called the PHC and was able to get this brave woman into the Help Center where they secured a good doctor to remove the "Devil's apron" from the relieved mom. I am still amazed that the laminaria has that nickname.
How appropriate!

And recently this little baby girl, above, came out of the darkness and into the Light.

Now that is the reason for Thanksgiving.
I spoke with the mom the other day and she expressed her gratefulness to our warriors and their church for ministering to her and showing her the Way.

I told her that the birth of that little girl who was so close to death is why sidewalk counselors live and breathe.

Pray for this family as the church continues to lead them to the Cross and the saving of their souls.
This is a fertile spot, above, where we go to save babies in Fresno. Yes, that's the place where shots flew past Jarod's head. Babies are still being saved right there.
Sometimes the devil sends out his minions to keep the couples from talking to us, like in Walnut Creek. We keep up our efforts no matter who tries to harass us. These fine people, called "deathscorts" get to hear the truth all morning long so it is a win for Christ.
These two Antifa-wanna-be's across the street from the killing place eventually let me walk them through the message of Hope. The girl in the yellow spent awhile listening to me and answering my questions to her, even acknowledging the humanity of the pre-born child.
These young women need to be born again because their first birth didn't go so well. While I'm engaging the lost, Hannah, below, approaches the clients and hopes to save a baby.
Pastor Dave, below, spent a good amount of time planting seeds of truth into the mind of a counter-protester who listened and questioned our beliefs in God. It was a great dialogue that I recorded and will eventually place on our website for you to watch.

At one point, as we shared the Gospel with her, she pulled out a Gospel tract from her purse that someone had given her. Giving out Gospel tracts is awesome.
There is a lot of action outside abortion centers and it seems the Chinese flu mess with our corrupt leaders is causing more people to think about life and are searching for truth. That's where we come into the equation.

We are seeking those who are the lost sheep.
Remember I told you about Bevelyn and Edmee from New York who made headlines recently? Above, Bevelyn, with the megaphone, spent the day with us months ago on the streets outside an abortion center in So Cal.

Pray for Bevelyn. She was stabbed in the back three times by a BLM character recently and survived the attempted murder. She just got out of the hospital and is going to fully recover...and will be stronger and bolder than ever. They are trying to catch the rotten person who did that.
...to do justice to the fatherless and the oppressed, that the man of the earth may oppress no more. Psalm 10:18
Thank you for standing with me
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