On the Streets with the Gospel
Project Truth traveled to Southern California for outreach, hoping to engage some people without masks.

We found a variety of humans on the coast and set up our message boards to start the conversations.

It worked as always!

These teen bikers were eager to tell me that they were part of a church youth group and were "proudly" pro-choice. A few angrily expressed how their God would not tell others that abortion is wrong and with some coarse words let me know how judgmental I was being at the Huntington Beach Boardwalk.

I used the opportunity to tell them about the real Jesus, not the Jesus they had created in their minds.

Seeds of truth were planted in their hearts.

Below, Alex was able to challenge several older young people as they waited for the light to turn green.

We often go to witness at this spot in So. Cal. because of the crowds of souls there every day. The weather is great and Doug can sit down offering Gospel tracts to those passing by. He gives out many tracts, remembering the words "How lonely sits the city that was full of people." Lamentations 1:1
Below, Pastor Max Graves hosted our team along with his good people of Liberty Baptist Church in Norwalk. This pastor leads by example going on the streets of Southern California each week, calling people to repentance. He also leads his church to be a light in front of two abortion centers, saving babies.
We will rejoice in Your salvation, and in the name of our God we will set up our banners. Psalm 20:5
On a foot path over the Mexico to Canada I-5 freeway, our next outreach was to set up a powerful message to the thousands of motorists during the 5 pm traffic. Surprisingly, it seemed there were more thumbs up than the other gesture.
Another great highlight of our So. Cal mission trip was meeting and ministering with the two ladies, below, from Fox News fame, Bevelyn and Edmee. These two warriors are traveling the world standing up for righteousness and calling the rowdy crowds on the streets to repentance.

We had a good lunch with them after spending the morning together outside a very tough abortion center in Downey. Together, we had an effective morning, with a possible rescue of a married couple from the dark doors of the abortion mill.

You can see Bevelyn and Edmee at their website and Facebook page, including their news clips. The name of their ministry is At the Well Ministries.
That's right! They have the same name out in New York. But their link is AtWellMinistry.

It's caused a little problem but a good connection has been made and we enjoyed out time with them last week.
Speaking of pastors, Pastor Dave from Big Valley Bible in Lodi prays as Alex answers questions from a woman outside the Walnut Creek PP center. Below, Pastor Kyle of Bethany Baptist Church of Stockton listens as one of his members presents truth to a client outside the PP in Stockton.

It is refreshing and encouraging to have pastors being role models to their people and leading them into the darkness of the cities.
While the college tour is still on hold because of the unstable leadership of our government officials, there is much to do on the streets of America each week. Our team is at abortion centers and will be about the Master's business while the cities are in turmoil.

Don't forget to check out our Facebook page ProjectTruthCA and watch some of our activities through video clips.
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