On the Table returns with Action Challenge
Akron Community Foundation is re-launching its popular On the Table event, but with a new format. The On the Table Action Challenge, which takes place Feb. 1 through 15, will offer residents a personally curated, individual experience through action items that will help them better connect with the community in unique ways. Register for the Challenge
SNAP emergency allotments end after February
The temporary benefits that provided a boost to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) will end after February, according to the USDA Food & Nutrition Service.
State launches self-service portal for public assistance benefits
A new self-service online portal will enable families to apply for public assistance using their mobile devices. The mobile support covers a range of areas, from food and medical care to child care and cash assistance. View flyer
Overcoming staff shortages: can social media help?
The last few years have been rough for nonprofits’ efforts to retain and recruit talent. It’s been especially difficult to recruit and retain fundraising professionals. It may be time to consider relying more on technology–and social media specifically–to help your lean fundraising team scale its efforts.
The top five nonprofit financial red flags
Want to know if your nonprofit is headed for trouble? Or want to check out a nonprofit before you make a significant financial gift? Here are five red flags to look for, according to a nonprofit CPA.

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