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The  Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office recently released a study report identifying  Recreational Assets of Statewide Significance in Washington State.  Your  Spokane River Centennial Trail was highlighted as an  Exceptional Asset in Northeast Washington in the  Biking and Walking Category.  This category included  "Exceptional biking or walking facilities in an area where people may walk or ride comfortably on a surface separated and protected from highway vehicles.  Facilities may be in a natural, rural, suburban, or urban setting.  They may have more than one access point and support facilities, such as potable water, resting areas, and restrooms.  Access to these facilities is either by a public road or pedestrian network.  Ideally, walking and bicycling routes take users through a diversity of environments and connect to community attractions and amenities." 

Stewards of Conservation and Caring

Vic and Robbi Castleberry were thoughtful, committed citizens for over eight decades. Thoughtful and committed in their respective careers as physician and medical lab technician to help others lead healthy lives. Thoughtful and committed to environmental
"The Spokane River is a reflection of our aquifir," explained Vic Castleberry in a 2005 interview. "You have to look at it as a pristine commodity."
action and conservation through volunteer work at Palisades Park, the Spokane River,
Spokane County Conservation Futures, Park Board and Friends of the Centennial Trail. Thoughtful and committed to enriching outdoor recreation for all through Spokane River Water Trail advocacy, Backcountry Horsemen trail rides, and white-water canoeing with the Spokane Canoe and Kayak Club.

They loved outdoor adventure and worked tirelessly to protect the beauty of nature around them; driving forces who encouraged and challenged others to become like-minded champions.

The Inland Northwest lost two stewards focused on the greater good when Vic and Robbi passed away. But, as generous as they were in life, they made a meaningful impact after their deaths through proactive estate planning during their lifetime.

A conservation
easement behind their Palisades Park home assures 14 acres will remain open space forever. Ten different nonprofit organizations have received bequests from their estate to expand medical, cultural, outdoor recreation and land conservation missions. Vic and Robbi Castleberry's legacy continues on in all the places that make Spokane a beautiful place to live, work and recreate.

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