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Connections, both personal and professional, have been challenged on every level since the COVID-19 pandemic began.  In a year when being separate and apart is the best way to connect and unify us together, the Spokane River Centennial Trail has been a vital respite for many.  Fortunately, work to improve and connect the Centennial Trail is moving forward on several fronts:
  • Spokane River Centennial Trail Phase 1 Renovation:  Our application has been
    Beautiful fall day near the Barker Road Trailhead of the Spokane River Centennial Trail.
    ranked #6 out of 29 in the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office WWRP Trails category.  In the pre-COVID budget world, this high ranking would likely be funded or at least partially funded.  Given our new reality, our goal is that the state legislature will see fit to fully fund WWRP, especially in light of the important role trail-based recreation has played this year.  You can help!  Please encourage your elected state representatives to support us and offer your support to the Washington Wildlife Recreation Coalition here.
  • Boone Avenue to Pettet Drive Renovation:  The City of Spokane has successfully completed all environmental review and will soon advertise this project for bids. Project award by City Council is expected soon and construction will occur in the 2021 construction season.  Learn more here.
  • Fish Lake Trail/Spokane Centennial Trail Connector Study: Traffic stress, local
    Four options are under consideration for the Centennial Trail to Fish Lake connection.
    access/connections, scenic views, interpretive opportunities, grade (steepness) and minimal distance are all topics being researched by KPFF and the City of Spokane. A second public meeting will be held in November.  More information here.
E-Bike Feedback Needed!
Spokane County Parks, Recreation & Golf seeks public input on electric-assisted bicycle
Class 1 and 3 E-Bikes are permitted on the Spokane River Centennial Trail.
("e-bike") use. While their popularity has grown significantly in recent years, e-bike use is currently prohibited on Spokane County owned and managed natural surface trails because they did not exist when rules were written to safely manage natural surface trail use.
Whether you're an avid mountain biker, hiker, horseback rider or nature seeker, please take a moment and
complete the Spokane County Parks E-Bike Advisory Survey here.

Download the State Parks E-Bike Info Sheet here. 
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