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The last time I wore a white surgical mask to go outside was after Mt. St. Helen's erupted in
Mayor Condon demos a Lime e-scooter at today's Bike Share press conference!
1980. I was happy to have one handy today as I ventured to Spokane City Hall to attend the BikeShare Pilot Program press conference.

Lime has been selected as the pilot project vendor in the City of Spokane starting September 4. Users need to download an app to rent a bike, e-bike or e-scooter, which top out at the 15 mph. Trail speed limit. You can find all the details at this website.

Please try out a Lime bike, tell your friends, share your feedback and enjoy!

Safety First
Have you responded to our Centennial Trail Wayfinding Survey?  If so, thank you! 
Civic pride for our Centennial Trail calls for better branding, don't you agree?
If not, please do so by August 31.  Your feedback will help implement safety and directional signs and asphalt markings on the Centennial Trail, as well as encourage Spokane County and municipalities to add signs from arterials to trailheads. 

Thank you FCT Members & Adopt-a-Mile Partners!
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Wheel Sport
Membership Renewals - Spring to Summer, 2018 
Individual & Family Members
Scott & Janis Fink, Robert & Margaret Larson, Zoe Ann Smith, Frank & Lou Slak, Ken Miller, Laurence D. Morse, Annie McKinlay, Ellen Peller, Susan Garrood, Sally Lodato, Elizabeth DeNiro, Jim & Peggy Kelter, Larry Luton & Susan Hales, Bob & Helen Fisher, Doug & Betsy Hammond, Larry Frostad, Mary Lou Johnson, Joseph Schretenthaler, Nancy Glazier, Charlene Violette, Tom Engdahl, Lola Douthitt, Gunhild Swanson, Jeff Clausen, Sherron McKelvey.

Century Club & 
Millennium Club  Members
Connie Meyer, Tom & Shannen Buerke, Speed & Patricia Fitzhugh, Ann Ruth Band, Jason & Jennifer Wheaton, Paul Grubb, Anne Laflamme, Dwight & Mary Ellen Correll, David & Ann Bell, Bob & Linda Miller, James Ivers, Roger and Mona Crawford Family Foundation at Innovia Foundation.

Welcome New Members! 
Linda & Mark Hendricksen, Terry Hemingway, James Proctor, Tracy Turner, Marcia Yep.

Please become a member of Friends of the Centennial Trail today!  Your support ensures that your trail is safe and maintained.  Join here! 

Adopt-a-Mile Partner Renewals


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Wayfinding Funding
The Friends of the Centennial Trail has been selected as the recipient of the 2017/18 SpokeFest grant in the amount of $5,000. Wheel Sport Bicycles is the
Trailhead and safety signs will be added in 38 locations.
grant sponsor. With this grant and matching funds from our Trail Builder's Fund; wayfinding and safety upgrades will be made to the Centennial Trail, starting with 38 new Speed Limit / Keep Right, Pass with Care / Trailhead Name signs and 150 new Centennial Trail logo'd signs.  Our thanks to Spokefest, Wheel Sport and all Spokefest riders who make our partnership possible!

Spokefest 2018 is Sunday, September 9.  Register today!



Recent walks on our Centennial Trail show such dry conditions and the need to mow back weeds in many places that grew quickly this spring. Given this extreme fire danger, our managing jurisdictions must proceed cautiously. As you enjoy the Trail, please keep an eye out for fire danger and call 911 immediately. And, thanks in advance for any garbage cleanup/stewardship you can provide. Hopefully our skies will be back to blue very soon. In the meantime, we remain grateful for the people and organizations dedicated to fire prevention and firefighting!

My best,  


Loreen McFaul, Executive Director

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