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I get the most interesting calls and mail!  Many visitors are amazed that we have a beautiful recreational trail that parallels an incredible river and is separated from traffic for most miles; this kind
Jon Jonckers has snapped another great Centennial Trail photo!
of community jewel is rare indeed. One woman who called from Montana wondered how she could plan a memorable spring break trip for her young daughter and family dog on a budget. A letter from a man in Bellingham explained how he had just learned of the Centennial Trail and will pack his fishing gear to visit and celebrate his 70th Birthday this summer. Offering "plan your trip" advice is always a great reminder of how many unique things this region has to offer.

The opportunity to serve Friends of the Centennial Trail these past five years is thanks to the support of our volunteer Board of Directors, members, Adopt-a-Mile partners and community supporters. Every January we pause to focus on leadership, goals, finances and Centennial Trail projects. Please read along so you have the latest update on community advocacy work made possible by your support!

Board Leadership
We welcome two new members to our FCT Board of Directors:

Melanie Keiser, Hart Capital Management,  Inc.
Jackie Post, Banner Bank
Melanie and Jackie bring energy, expertise, a love of the outdoors and solid community ties.  We are delighted they have agreed to serve!
Bill Fitzner
Bill Fitzner leaves us for the west side where he has accepted a new job with Washington State Patrol. Bill's boundless energy will be missed, as well as his booming, familiar KSPS voiceovers: "Next on KSPS!" Thank you, Bill, and best of luck!

2018 Priorities
Each year we review and rank Centennial Trail needs, how they support our Coordinating Council partners and where our advocacy work is best suited. Our 2018 priorities are to: 
  • Support State Parks and Spokane County to finalize a gap completion plan for Argonne Road.
  • Support the Spokane City Parks plan to renovate the Don Kardong Bridge.
  • Find a solution for the Trail gap from Boone Avenue to Pettet Drive that provides Class 1 roadway separation.
  • Invest in wayfinding signs, markers and mile posts when it is expedient to do so.
  • Add safety signs or markings on the Trail at trailheads and busy areas.
  • Support the Coordinating Council's Trail maintenance and asphalt overlay projects.
  • Advocate for all recreational trails in our region.
Trail Projects
We track past, present and future trail projects here on our website. It is ever-changing, but we encourage you to follow along. Upcoming and underway projects are: 
  • Miles 1-12 Asphalt Overlay Phase 1
  • Mile 6.5-7.5 for Barker Road flood repair
    Barker Road area flooding will be repaired this spring!
  • Mile 13.5-15 at Argonne Gap
  • Mile 19 at Greene Street Trailhead/Intersection of North Spokane Corridor & Children of the Sun Trail Download April 7 Community Planning Meeting Invitation here
  • Mile 20.5 at Mission Gap
  • Mile 21 at Don Kardong Bridge
  • Mile 22 at Riverfront Park
  • Mile 22 at Post Street Bridge & Bosch Lot
  • Mile 25 Boone Avenue to Pettet Drive
  • Mile 37 at Carlson Road
Thank you FCT Members & Adopt-a-Mile Partners!
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Wheel Sport
Membership Renewals - Fall, 2017 to Winter, 2018 
Individual & Family Members
Karen Armor, Victoria Mayes & Jon Newkirk, Clifford & Marie Hackney, Dexter & Gail Amend, Mike & Jody Wende, Doug & Theresa Tesarik, Mario & Pati Marcella, Harry & Inge Hendron, Mike & Cathy Henneberry, Helen & Leonard Byrne, Don & Abigail Barden, Dan & Celeste Sterrett, Richard Brown, Karen Nielsen & Jane Baker, Bill & Sandra McMillan, Jerry & Ginger Carlson, Sue & Gene Blankenship, Max & Tula Patterson, Chris Currie & Nora Searing, Peter & Diane Joss, Walter & Sally Bonsack, Will & Anne Aslin, James & Mary Jo Woods, Richard & Judith Gammon, Jim & Sara Fischer, Levi & Jennifer Westra, Dean & Kelly Feldmeier, James Conner & Denise Attwood, Shirley Schoedel, Sharon De Mills-Wood, Gary & Jeanette Reymers, John & Susan Kurtz, Truman & Susan Bradley, Sally Vantress-Lodato, Jane Schelly, Colleen Wisenor, Spokane Public Facilities District, Norma Dippel, Judy Colenso, Meg Bouchard Hergert, Benjamin Rascoff, Dawn Abernathy, Wayne & Nancy Wright, Zoe Anne Smith, Tom Engdahl, Jean Clark, Loyd & Sally Phillips, Joseph Schretenthaler, Miles Breneman.

Century Club & 
Millennium Club  Members
Lyle & Kathleen Wendling, Steven & Linda Swartley, Dennis Fredrickson, Ted & Diane Ketcham, Ronald & Barbara Douglas, Mike Merritt & Jeri Self-Merritt, Christine & Todd Weaver, Cheryl Albaugh, Sallye Prenger, Marvin & Sandra King, Kathleen Johnson, Jim Harless & Sheila Wagner-Harless, Jim & Linda Hunt, Peter & Karen Wildman, Timothy & Priscilla Ice, Bruce & Debra Howard, Larry & Mary Wright, Bill Simer & Renee Rolando, Richard & Lois Steury, Mike & Christie Hinnen, Mike & Maureen Basinger, Chuck& Barbara Hinzman, Linda Milsow, Connie Meyer, David & Pamela Zack, Robin & Carol Stobie, Chuck & Judy Murphy, Steve Druffel, Bill & Debbie Pierce, Pat & Kathy Harper, Greg & Loreen McFaul.

Welcome New Members! 
Nancy Correll, Susan Garrood, Pamela Adams, Carol Horlacher, Jackie Post, Greg Loew, Kimberlei Northrop, Melanie Keiser 
Please become a member of Friends of the Centennial Trail today!  Your support ensures that your trail is safe and maintained.  Join here! 

Adopt-a-Mile Partner Renewals


Dennis Spurlock, Jr. Family     null


   Spokane Sports Commission


Mark Your Calendar!
One upcoming event that will get you ready for all kinds of outdoor fun is the 2nd annual Spokane Great Outdoors & Bike Expo coming up Feb. 24-25 at the Spokane Convention Center. Cruise over 50 exhibitor booths featuring a huge selection of bikes for sale, paddleboards, kayaks and other outdoor gear; check out travel destinations, zip line tours and outfitters; win outdoor gear; and take part in free outdoor recreation-oriented activities and clinics, including bike demos, archery, knot tying, rock climbing, crosscut log sawing, gear demonstrations, and more. There will also be plenty of kids' activities, including crafts and games, Strider bike demos, Nerf-style archery, rock climbing and more. Learn more here and visit us at our FCT booth!

My best,  

Loreen McFaul, Executive Director 
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