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2019 is the 30th anniversary of the Spokane River Centennial State Park Trail, the new official name of your Centennial Trail.  Friends of the Centennial Trail kicked off this special
Mile 20 Mission Crossing signs are in place!
year with a new directional sign installation at the Mission Gap.  Historically the most confusing Centennial Trail crossing, this span is now much easier to navigate.  Thanks to Mike Zangara, City of Spokane Streets Department, for completing this important project.  Watch for the replacement of 150 faded and old signs on the trail this year!

By The Numbers
Data and number-crunching drives many of our decisions these days.  Centennial Trail pedestrian and cyclist data from the EcoCounter installed at Kendall Yards by
The Kendall Yards EcoCounter counts pedestrians and cyclists via infrared technology.
Washington State Department of Transportation shows just how popular the urban span of your trail has become.  Thanks to Jerry Compton, WSDOT's Eastern Region Active Transportation Coordinator, for sharing this data:
Year Pedestrians Cyclists
2018 177,758 78,159
2017 151,327 66,700
2016 149,203 84,484
2015 (127 days counted)
41,979 21,515

Next Up:  Capital Funding
Our Centennial Trail Coordinating Council's commitment to maintenance made the 2016-2017 asphalt repair project possible.  Next up is a 1.5" asphalt overlay on the
Randy Kline, State Trails Coordinator,and Diana Dupuis, State Parks Area Manager, discuss capital funding ideas.
older/original miles; about 30 of our 39.2 miles.  Randy Kline, State Trails Coordinator for Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission, visited Spokane last week to discuss funding solutions for this important project.  Thank you, Randy, for your support of the Centennial Trail!

Local Leaders
One of my favorite Friends of the Centennial Trail activities each year is our January Board Retreat, where we rally to review the past year and plan the one ahead.  One highlight last month was sharing a copy
Linda Hendricksen
of Paul Lindholdt's new book The Spokane River with each Board member.  Paul and contributing writer Bob Bartlett introduced the book, signed each copy and discussed the vital connection the river and Centennial Trail have with our region's residents and visitors.

Another retreat highlight is welcoming new Board members and thanking those dedicated members who have completed six-year terms.  FCT welcomes Linda Hendricksen, Senior Vice President - Marketing and Public Affairs, Northwest Farm Credit Services.  And for six very dedicated and active years of support, we thank Jon Jonckers, Out There Monthly, and Mike Merritt, CPA.  From fabulous photos, community pint nights with local
Jon Jonckers
breweries to smooth-running books and clean financial reports, Jon and Mike have been incredible volunteers! 

Our 2019 Board of Directors:
Dan Maguire, Chairperson, TransCanada
Hannahlee Allers, Vice-Chairperson, City of Spokane
Melanie Keiser, Secretary, Hart Capital Management
Mike Merritt, Treasurer, CPA
Mike Merritt

Mike Basinger, At Large Member, City of Spokane Valley
Greg Loew, At Large Member, Avista
Amy Condon, Itron
Dean Feldmeier, DoubleTree by Hilton Spokane City Center
Linda Hendricksen, Northwest Farm Credit Services
Becca McConnaughey, Spokane County
Nick Murto, Seven2
Gair Petrie, retired attorney
Jackie Post, Spokane Regional Health District

Thank you FCT Members & Adopt-a-Mile Partners!
Sponsored by:
Wheel Sport
Membership Renewals - Fall, 2018 to Winter, 2019
Individual & Family Members
Robert & Lois Iller, Doug & Theresa Tesarik, Truman & Susan Bradley, Bill & Sandra McMillan, Leonard & Helen Byrne, Peter & Diane Joss, Cliff & Marie Hackney, Kathleen Johnson, Richard Brown, Dan & Celeste Sterrett, Darcy Kelly, Mario & Pati Marcella, Jerry & Ginger Carlson, Cris Currie & Nora Searing, Harriet Van Wyck, Shirley Schoedel, Gary & Jeanette Reymers, Benjamin Rascoff, Loyd & Sally Phillips, Coleen Wisenor, Marie Johnson, Donald & Abigail Barden, Larry & Shirley Carroll, Dawn Abernathy, Jean Clark.

Century Club & 
Millennium Club  Members
Karen Armor, Lyle & Kathleen Wendling, Jeffrey Seidensticker, Jackie Post, Dan Maguire, Mike & Maureen Basinger, Mike Merritt & Jeri Self-Merritt, Greg & Loreen McFaul, Marvin & Sandra King, A&R Solar SPC, Claude & Sharon Kistler, Sallye Prenger, Robert Farner, Jim Harless & Sheila Wagner-Harless, Harry & Inge Hendron, Mike & Cathy Henneberry, Jim & Linda Hunt, Mike & Christie Hinnen, Bruce Howard, Bill Simer & Renee Rolando, Ron Jackson & Ellen Benson, Todd & Christine Weaver, Timothy Ice, Daniel & Susan Bresnahan, Richard & Lois Steury, Larry & Mary Wright, Ted & Diane Ketcham, Spokane Public Facilities District, Terence Allen & Kim Thorburn, Stephen Lamp, Peter & Karen Wildman, Melanie Keiser, David & Pamela Zack, Linda Milsow, Ronald & Barbara Douglas.

Welcome New Members! 
Joel Breems, Joseph Felice,  Robert Walter.
Please become a member of Friends of the Centennial Trail today!  Your support ensures that your trail is safe and maintained.  Join here! 

Adopt-a-Mile Partner Renewals
Please support these fine people and organizations who support Friends of the Centennial Trail!

Dennis Spurlock, Jr. Family 

                                                                   Spokane Sports Commission
Monumental Memorials
More names were engraved on the Mission Park Monument, at Mile 20, last year than ever, including four members of the Bloomsday Road Runners Club.  Thanks to memorial gifts to Friends of the Centennial Trail from family and friends, and the support Genesis Granite, Wilbert Precast and Mario & Sons Granite we remember:

John & Dorothy Tiffany, Keith Thackray, Bob & Irene Johnson, Jim W. Price, Joan Pribnow, Gillian Lea Struebin Abbotts and Sam Van Wyck.
It is with grateful thanks that we are able to advocate for the completion and maintenance of your Centennial Trail.  Remembering those whose lives have been touched by this community jewel is a special privilege.

My best,  

Loreen McFaul, Executive Director 
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