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How, where and why do you use the Spokane River Centennial Trail?  We want to know!  We need a couple minutes of your time to get feedback for new asphalt, seal coating and trail amenity grant applications.  Thanks for your help - and please forward to your trail-loving friends!

Medallion Update

As we await final design plans for the Don Kardong Bridge renovation that will include replicas of our
Medallion replicas will be a part of the renovated Don Kardong Bridge.
beloved, unique Centennial Trail Miracle Mile Medallions, we thank local law enforcement for holding accountable those responsible for thefts and vandalism.  Two alleged perpetrators stand trial next month.

City of Spokane Parks and Recreation Department will continue carefully removing and storing remaining medallions between the Courtyard Marriott and Spokane Convention Center this spring.  Nestled between asphalt and concrete, they need extra removal care so surrounding infrastructure is not damaged. 

We will continue to use this e-news to keep you informed on bridge plans, as well as:

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Mile-by-Mile Trail Project Tracking
Our website tracks Centennial Trail renovation and maintenance projects by mile and you can find the latest updates here.  This is an exciting, busy year of work!

Renovations to the Post Street Bridge will take roughly two years; follow detour signs!
The biggest project impacting the Centennial Trail is Mile 22 at Post Street Bridge.  This renovation is a two-year project that will detour the trail between Riverfront Park and Bridge Avenue. 

Project information here

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Leading the Way
The Centennial Trail is an important active transportation option for those commuting to Barry Greene work, getting vehicles off roadways.  Spokane County's Barry Greene, P.E., Transportation / Development Services Engineer, has over two decades of service planning transportation infrastructure, and we welcome him to our Board of Directors.  He is among a growing list of Spokane County Transportation Engineers who have kindly served our organization over the years.  Thank you and welcome, Barry!

Here's to Spring, 

Loreen McFaul, CFRE
Executive Director
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