Spring Cleaning and Safety 
Tis the season for spring cleaning, and it's also the perfect time to organize, declutter, and to shore up safety. The Electrical Safety Foundation International (EFSI) offers some important tips to help eliminate electrical hazards, as you mark off your spring cleaning chores.
In the garage: Many times this space is overlooked, but it oftentimes contains one of the leading causes of home fires - the electrical distribution system, commonly called the breaker box. So, whether your system is located in the garage or elsewhere, here's what to check:  
  • Check the label inside the door or cover of your electrical service panel to see when your electrical system was last inspected. If the date has passed or is approaching, contact a licensed electrician to schedule an inspection.
  • Be sure circuit breakers and fuses are correctly labeled with their amperage and their corresponding rooms, circuits, or outlets. Use correct size and current rating for breakers/fuses.
  • Increase your fire protection by having a licensed electrician replace your standard circuit breakers with arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs).
In the house :
  • Check for excessive vibration or movement when the washing machine or dryer is operating. This can put stress on electrical connections.
  • Make sure the area around your dryer is clutter free and that the dryer lint filter is cleaned after each load. Build up can be a fire starter.
  • Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors on every level of your home and outside every sleeping area. Test these alarms to ensure that they are in working order and replace the batteries when needed.
  • Check all lamp and extension cords and replace any that are frayed or damaged, and make sure that the extension cords are not overloaded.
For more tips on keeping your home and family safe this spring and beyond visit www.wcec.org.

WCEC to Sponsor 10 Teens at Leadership Camp
Applications are being accepted from area high school sophomores and juniors to attend the annual East Texas Rural Electric Youth Seminar (ETREYS), a teen leadership camp. ETREYS will be held from June 26- June 30 at East Texas Baptist University in Marshall.
Students interested in applying can download the ETREYS application and view eligibility requirements at wcec.org under the community tab. The deadline to submit an application is April 19, 2017.
$25K in College Scholarships to be Awarded
Applications Available Now 
For 2017, WCEC is offering ten $2,000 scholarships for high school students, and one $5,000 electrical engineering scholarship for a college junior studying electrical engineering. To be eligible, applicants must be dependents of active WCEC members. Applications and eligibility requirements can be found at wcec.org under the community tab.  The deadline for applications is April 7, 2017.  

Safety Tips  

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Energy Efficiency Tips 
Dishwasher Efficiency Tip: Clean dishes can be air dried to save energy. If your dishwasher does not have an automatic air-dry switch, turn off the dishwasher after the final rinse and prop the door open slightly so the dishes will dry faster.



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