$12K in College Scholarships to be Awarded
WCEC is currently accepting applications from area students interested in receiving scholarship money for college or trade school.  For 2019, there will be ten $1,000 scholarships available for students attending college and two $1,000 scholarships for students enrolling in a trade or certificate program. To be eligible, applicants must be members or dependents of active WCEC members. 
Applicants must complete an official WCEC application that includes academic standing certified by a school official, two letters of reference, and an essay. In the 500-word-or-under essay, the applicant should describe themselves including current interests, educational, professional and personal goals, and expess why they have chosen their particular field of study.
The judging panel will give weight to the essay, academic achievements, civic participation and extracurricular participation.  For those awarded a scholarship, funds will be paid directly to the college or trade school.
These programs are funded entirely by unclaimed capital credit payments returned to WCEC by the state of Texas.  All entries must be received at WCEC headquarters by April 5, 2019.  Late entries will not be considered.  To enter, students can pick up an application at WCEC headquarters at 501 S. Main Street in Quitman, or download it from:  http://www.wcec.org/programs-sponsorships/scholarships/

Use Your Space Heater Safely 

Many people use space heaters as a convenient source of warmth during cold winter months. Whether you rely on an electric model or one powered by kerosene or wood, space heaters are wonderful, but can be dangerous if not used properly.  
Fires are one of the most prevalent hazards of all types of space heaters, and can be caused by placing items near or in contact with heating elements. Flammable fuels like escaped burning embers or spilled oil can also cause fires, as can frayed or defective wiring. Another primary hazard can be carbon monoxide poisoning, which can be caused by improper venting.
 Here are some tips for using all types of space heaters safely:
  • Keep all heaters at least 3 feet from flammable items such as curtains, furniture, or bedspreads.
  • Do not use a space heater to dry clothes.
  • Select a space heater with a guard around the heating element.
  • Buy a heater properly sized for the area that you want to heat.
  • Read and follow the manufacturer's operating instructions.
  • Keep children and pets away from space heaters.
  • Never leave a space heater unattended.
  • Never go to sleep with a space heater on.
  • Never use or store flammable liquids near a space heater.
  • Keep electric heaters away from water to prevent electrocution.
  • When buying a heater, choose one that has been tested and certified by a nationally recognized testing institution such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL).
  • Do not use an extension cord or power strip with an electric space heater. It can overheat the extension cord or cause the circuit to overload and potentially catch fire.
  • Always plug electric space heaters directly into a wall outlet. 
  • Be sure the heater's plug fits snugly into the outlet. The cord and plug may feel warm when operating since the unit draws so much power, but they should not feel hot.
  • Vent wood/kerosene powered space heaters properly.  They release carbon monoxide and other toxic fumes, which can be deadly in an enclosed space. 
For additional safety tips visit WCEC's  Safety Center.
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Get details and enter online at: https://www.texascooppower.com/local/wood
 Safety Tips
For more safety tips visit our Safety & Consmer Tips
Energy Efficiency Tips 
Laundry Tip: Dry towels and heavier cottons separately from lighter-weight clothing. You'll spend less time running the dryer for lighter-weight items, which saves energy.

For more energy efficiency tips visit our Energy Savings Center .