A Trip of a Lifetime
One lucky WCEC teen will win an all-expenses-paid trip to our nation's capital to experience a guided tour of Washington, D.C., June 8-17, 2016. High school sophomores, juniors, and seniors are encouraged to apply for the 52nd Annual Government-in-Action Youth Tour.
The trip will begin in Austin and include tours of the Governor's Mansion, Texas State Capitol, and the Bob Bullock Museum. WCEC's delegate will then travel with students from across Texas to Washington, D.C. This group will ultimately join approximately 1,200 Youth Tour participants from across the country. This tremendous learning opportunity will include tours of the Smithsonian museums, Washington National Cathedral, George Washington's home at Mount Vernon and other historical sites and memorials.
To enter candidates must submit a 450 to 500 (about 1 typed page) word essay, which will be judged by an independent panel. This year's topic is devoted to "My co-op, my local human connection." Essayists should write about "the value my local non-profit electric cooperative brings to the region and the importance of the local connection." The essays will be judged on composition, neatness, originality, and knowledge of the subject.
For information about the rules and eligibility click here  or to see pictures and videos from past annual tours visit http://youthtour.org .

Safe Use of Space Heaters With a Bonus Energy Saving Tip

When used properly and safely, electric space heaters can help keep you warm and toasty during cold winter months. While selecting a space heater to supplement your home's heating system, some rules of thumb to apply include purchasing a safety-certified model and reading the included safety instructions. More safety tips for space heaters are:
  • Keep units 3 ft. away from combustible materials-such as bedding, drapes, clothes, and rugs.
  • Avoid using space heaters in areas that contain flammable liquids, such as kerosene or gasoline, as some heaters can spark.
  • Plug space heaters directly into wall outlets. If you must use an extension cord, make sure it's the correct type and size for your particular space heater.
  • Check safety instructions before using a space heater around water - some models are not intended for use in bathrooms.
  • Be sure children are supervised around space heaters. Curious exploration can lead to electrical shock and burns.
  • Always unplug and store the space heater in a safe place when you're not using it.
  • And remember, space heaters are meant for heating small spaces for short periods. They are costly to run, at about 16.5 cents per hour.  If you need to keep an uninsulated space warm, such as a garage or green house, think about opting for a 200-watt heat lamp, which would cost about 2.2 cents an hour to operate.

Safety Tips 
Portable Generator Safety 

Never use a generator indoors or in an enclosed area. As the carbon monoxide produced by the generator can build to a lethal level in minutes.  


For more safety tips visit our Safety & Consumer Tips

Energy Efficiency Tips 
If you only want to heat one small room, space heaters can be less expensive to use than your central heating system. But remember, adding a heater to a conditioned space costs extra.

For more energy efficiency tips visit our Energy Savings Center.

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