What To Know Before You Make That Payment
Some people may choose to use an online go-between to pay their bills, like DOXO, My Check Free, and Pay Trust which are several of many bill payment aggregation sites.  With these types of businesses users can pay multiple bills from various companies. Importantly, none of these services are affiliated with WCEC.  And, it's not always apparent to a person using one of these sites that they are not at WCEC's site. Members can be fooled by these types of sites, as they display photos and links to the WCEC website (as well as thousands of other businesses). 
In these cases, members may believe they paid their bill directly to WCEC and are later confused because they were charged a fee.  These types of sites can also delay payment, resulting in late fees or disconnection because WCEC has not received payment. 
At WCEC we offer members the convenience of paying their WCEC bills online at  When you click "My Account", it takes you to WCEC's secure portal at  Once there, click payments, and then click make a payment.  You'll be prompted to log-in.  If you are a new user to WCEC's online portal, you'll need to create a user name and password by clicking "New User". 
Our online portal is secure, and a direct and simple way for members to not only pay bills, but to review and track energy use.  Also, it's always FREE.
If your intention is to pay your bill directly, here's some tips: Type into your address bar, as opposed to using Google or some other search engine.  If you do use a search engine, make sure you have landed at  Or, better yet, download WCEC's FREE bill paying app via your smartphone or tablet. Just search for "Wood County Electric Cooperative" in the App Store or in Google Play and then download it. Once you have the app, either call the office at 903-763-2203 or log on to the Account Services Portal at to generate a user name and password. Then, you can pay anytime, anywhere, right from your phone.
We welcome any members with questions about online bill pay at WCEC, third party bill paying services, or our bill pay app, to call our office at 903-763-2203, or to send us an email at

 Attend East Texas Rural Electric Youth Seminar
WCEC along with eight other east Texas electric cooperatives is preparing for the annual East Texas Rural Electric Youth Seminar (ETREYS). The seminar will be  June 24- June 28 at East Texas Baptist University in Marshall.
WCEC offers this all expenses paid trip to sophomores and juniors who are attending high school in the WCEC service area. Participants are selected on the basis of overall excellence and involvement in extracurricular activities including leadership positions, academic awards, and civic activities.
While at ETREYS, students can expect to participate in workshops, seminars, and peer group activities that range from leadership development to pure entertainment to include nationally-known personalities, industry leaders and community leaders.  Additionally, each student will have a chance to compete for scholarships.
WCEC is committed to our community and the education of our students. Sending students to ETREYS is just another way to further that commitment. Students interested in applying for the program can contact Kylie O'Neal at 903-763-2203, or contact their high school counselor. ETREYS applications can be found at under the programs and scholarships tab. The deadline to submit an application is April 12, 2019.

$12k in Scholarships Available for High School Seniors
Scholarship applications are being accepted now.  For 2019, WCEC is offering ten $1,000 scholarships for students attending college, and two $1,000 scholarships reserved for students enrolling in a trade or certificate program. To be eligible, applicants must be an area student and a dependent of an active WCEC members. Applications and eligibility requirements can be found at under Programs and Sponsorships. The deadline to apply is April 5, 2019.
In celebration of Texas Co-op Power's 75th Anniversary, one lucky WCEC member will win season passes for a family of five to Schlitterbahn.   
Get details and enter online at:
The contest ends April 10, 2019. 
 Safety Tips
Always assume all power lines are ENERGIZED.
  • Never touch a downed power line! And
    never touch a person or object that is touching a power line.
  • If someone is injured as a result of contact with electric current, do not try to assist him or her. Call 911.
  • If a power line falls across your vehicle while you are in it, stay inside until help arrives.
  • Call 911 immediately to report a downed power line. Then call WCEC at 903-763-2203.
For more safety tips visit our Safety & Consmer Tips
Energy Efficiency Tips 
Three Easy DIY Projects to Save Energy  
Winter weather can have a big impact on your energy bills, hitting your pockets a little harder than you would have liked. Now that spring is just around the corner, it's the perfect time to tackle a few DIY efficiency projects for your home. The good news: You don't have to be an energy expert to do this!
There are several easy ways to save energy, but if you're willing to take a hands-on approach, here are three projects you can do now to start saving.

Make the Most of Your Water Heater
Let's start with one of the easiest projects: insulating your water heater. Insulating a water heater that's warm to the touch can save 7 to 16 percent annually on your water heating bills. It should also be noted that if your water heater is new, it's likely already insulated. But if your water heater is warm to the touch, it needs additional insulation.
You can purchase a jacket or blanket for about $20. Before you start, turn off the water heater. Wrap the blanket around the water heater and tape it to temporarily keep it in place. If necessary, use a marker to note the areas where the controls are, then cut a space for them in the insulation. Once the blanket is positioned correctly tape it permanently in place, then turn the water heater back on.

Seal Air Leaks with Caulk
The average American family spends $2,000 annually on energy bills, but unfortunately, some of that money is wasted through air leaks in the home. Applying caulk around windows, doors, electrical wiring and plumbing can save energy and money. There are many different types of caulking compounds available, but the most popular choice is silicone. Silicone caulk is waterproof, flexible and won't shrink or crack.  
Before applying new caulk, clean and remove any old caulk or paint with a putty knife, screwdriver, brush or solvent. The area should be dry before you apply the new caulk. Apply the caulk in one continuous stream, and make sure it sticks to both sides of the crack or seam. Afterwards, use a putty knife to smooth out the caulk, then wipe the surface with a dry cloth.  
Weather Strip Exterior Doors
One of the best ways to seal air leaks is to weather strip exterior doors, which can keep out drafts and help you control energy costs. Weather stripping materials vary, but you can ask your local hardware or home store for assistance if you're unsure about the supplies you need.  
When choosing weather stripping materials, make sure it can withstand temperature changes, friction and the general "wear and tear" for the location of the door. Keep in mind, you will need separate materials for the door sweep (at the bottom of the door) and the top and sides.  
Before applying the new weather stripping, clean the frame with soapy water, then let the area dry completely. Measure each side of the door, then cut the weather stripping to fit each section. Make sure the weather stripping fits snugly against both surfaces so it compresses when the door is closed.  
By completing these simple efficiency projects, you can save energy (and money!) while increasing the comfort level of your home. And you can impress your family and friends with your savvy energy-saving skills.
For more energy efficiency tips visit our Energy Savings Center .