$3,000 in Scholarships Available for Adult Students
Applications are being accepted from adult students interested in receiving financial help with their continuing education.
The co-op is offering three $1,000 Power Upward scholarships, which expand upon an already robust scholarship program WCEC has in place for high school students.
To be eligible to apply, applicants must be 21 years old or over, and must be an active member or member spouse living on the system. Adult children of members do not qualify. This scholarship is strictly for members!
Eligible applicants cannot previously have won a scholarship from WCEC. The applicant must be accepted into a college, trade school or another post secondary program, and must be registered for a minimum of nine credit hours or be the equivalent of a full-time student.
To apply, complete and submit an official application, available at wcec.org, with two current letters of reference pertaining to this effort, and a 500-word essay describing the following:
  • Reasons for continuing your education.
  • Why you have chosen your particular field of study.
  • How the degree or certificate will help you with your future goals.
All scholarship programs at WCEC are funded entirely by unclaimed capital credit payments returned to WCEC by the state of Texas. All entries must be received at WCEC headquarters by November 18. Late entries will not be considered. Applications are available under the Programs & Sponsorship tab on our website, or by calling the cooperative at (903) 763-2203.

Online Annual Meeting Reminder  
Every year we look forward to visiting with our members at our Annual Meeting. 
Sadly, amid the pandemic, we won't meet in person.  The health and safety of our members and employees is foremost. 
Despite this, we will do our very best to update and inform members. On October 9, the day originally scheduled for annual meeting, we'll publish an expanded annual report briefing along with elections results on wcec.org.  It won't be like meeting in person, but one good thing about this alternative is that it will allow members to receive a co-op update at a time that best suits their own  schedule. 
On that day, we'll also post the results from the drawing for those that voted in the directors' election. One of the early bird voters will receive a $500.00 gift Visa gift card, while 20 others will receive a $100 WCEC bill credit.
It's our most fervent hope that we see our members in person at the 2021 annual meeting. Until then, stay safe and healthy! 
Safety Tips  
Safety Tips for Hunters
This hunting season, we encourage all members to be aware of electrical equipment and take necessary precautions while hunting. Keep these safety tips in mind as you enjoy the great outdoors.
  • Take notice of posted warning signs and stay away from electrical equipment.
  • Do not shoot at or near power lines or insulators.
  • Know where the power lines and equipment are located on the land where you hunt.
  • Do not place deer stands on utility poles or climb these poles. Energized lines and equipment can cause shock or electrocution to anyone who comes in contact with them. 
  • Do not place decoys on power lines or other utility equipment. Any nonelectrical equipment attached to a pole can pose an obstruction and serious hazards to our line crews.
      For more safety tips visit our Safety & Consumer Tips
Energy Efficiency Tips   
The average household owns 24 electronic products, which account for roughly 12% of home energy use. When shopping for electronics, consider purchasing ENERGY STARĀ®-certified products, which can be 70% more efficient than conventional models. 
For more energy efficiency tips visit our Energy Savings Center.