Mark Your Calendar for Annual Meeting
Governor Jim Hogg City Park Quitman, Texas
Entertainment 12:30  
Meeting 2:00
The employees, staff and directors of WCEC are looking forward to seeing members at the Annual Meeting. Prior to the meeting, the public is invited to attend a concert by a local and fun family band, The Swoapes. Straight out of Golden, TX, they'll entertain with sweet family harmonies while performing popular hits. They'll also introduce the crowd to some of their originals.
The ballots for the election of directors for WCEC Districts 5 and 6 will be mailed later this month.   On the ballot, are incumbents, Cathy Roberts, Vice President and Board Member, District 5, and Jane Roberson, Secretary and Board Member, District 6. The results of the election will be announced at the meeting.
F ollowing the business meeting, there will be a prize raffle for WCEC members, with items donated by our generous vendors. We hope to see you at the Annual Meeting!!!

$3,000 in Scholarships Available for Adult Students
WCEC is accepting applications from members who are adult students interested in receiving college scholarship money.
The 3 $1,000 Power Upward scholarships expand upon an already robust scholarship program WCEC has in place for high school students.
To be eligible for a $1,000 scholarship, applicants must be 21 years or older and must be an active member or member spouse living on WCEC's system. Adult children of members do not qualify.
The applicant cannot previously have won a scholarship from WCEC. The applicant must have been previously accepted into a college, trade school or another postsecondary program, and must be registered for a minimum of nine credit hours.
Members who wish to apply should complete and submit an official application with two current letters of reference pertaining to this effort, and a 500-word essay describing the following:
  1. Reasons for continuing your education.
  2. Why you have chosen your particular field of study.
  3. How the degree or certificate will help you with your future goals.
These programs are funded entirely by unclaimed capital credit payments returned to WCEC by the state of Texas. All entries must be received at WCEC headquarters by November 1 . Late entries will not be considered. Applications are available on under the Programs & Sponsorships tab, or by calling the cooperative at (903) 763-2203.
 Outage Reporting & Bill Pay App
We never want you to have a power outage, but when you do, the reporting process to get trucks rolling just got easier. WCEC's mobile app allows members to bypass busy phones to quickly report an outage. What's more, you can use it to pay your WCEC bills, and even view usage, 24/7 from smartphones or tablets. To get the free app, just search for "Wood County Electric Cooperative" in the Apple Store or in the Android Market and then download it. Once you have the app, either call the office at 903-763-2203 or log on to the Account Services Portal to generate a user name and password.    DOWNLOAD THE iOS APP or DOWNLOAD THE ANDROID APP

 Safety Tips
Does Labor Day live up to its name for your family? While most people get the day off from work, many use the holiday to begin to tackle outside chores.
Before you begin any outdoor project, check that your power tools are designed for outdoor use and their cords are free of damage. Never carry a power tool by the cord or use it near water. Check to see that the tool is in good working condition before use. If it's not, don't repair it yourself. Bring it to a licensed repairer or send it back to the manufacturer.  
And don't overlook extension cords, which can be dangerous if misused. Some safety tips to keep in mind:
* For outdoor jobs, use only extension cords designed for outdoor use. They're thicker, more durable and have connectors molded onto them to prevent moisture damage.
* Check the amperage rating of the extension cord to make sure it's high enough to meet the power demand of the tool you are using.
* Use three-wire extension cords with three-pronged plugs. Never cut the third prong off of a power tool to make it fit.
* Push plugs all the way into outlets to ensure a complete connection.
* Do not plug one extension cord into another. Buy the length of cord you need.
* Never leave an open extension cord plugged into an outlet. Unplug it when you're finished using it.
* Store extension cords where they won't be exposed to the weather elements.
 For more safety tips visit our Safety & Consumer Tips 
Energy Efficiency Tips 
Cookware Efficiency Tip: Copper-bottomed pans heat faster on the stove. In the oven, ceramic and glass dishes are better than metal. With ceramic and glass dishes, you can turn the oven down about 25 degrees, and your meal will cook just as quickly. 
 For more energy efficiency tips visit our Energy Savings Center .