It's finally here, people.
California rings in the New Year with statewide rent caps and eviction protections. Are you prepared for the hangover?
California continues its reputation for setting trends by enacting hundreds of sweeping bills that reach far and wide, with none more consequential to the rental housing industry than the Tenant Protection Act of 2019.

´╗┐The details of AB-1482 have been around for some time now, but it still remains an enigma for many rental property owners and the professionals they are tethered to.

There's quite a lot of questions and misinformation floating around about what units are covered, how to reconcile state law with local ordinances, how deep owners have to dig into their pockets for relocation payments, and many more riddles to solve. Bornstein Law can resolve the quandary.  

Using stale, outdated lease agreements is a recurring theme we have seen for the better part of three decades, but with the advent of stringent statewide tenant safeguards, it is not just well-advised to update your rental agreements - it now becomes an imperative. New disclosures are no longer optional. It's the law. 

We welcome the opportunity to take a look at your rental agreements to ensure they are compliant in a generational shift of doing business and help strangers in a strange land get acclimated to a set of newfangled rules.

Happy New Year, everyone, and we look forward to playing an instrumental role in the prosperity of your real estate business in 2020.

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