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Everyone is talking about gas prices and what to do about them; Brian takes an in-depth look at the issue with three posts, starting with  The True Cost of Gasoline is Closer to $15 a Gallon while Mike wonders why Republicans keep bashing the Volt. Really, they should all just get a bike.




Not on list: crazed environmentalists. Part 1:  5 Things That Actually Determine the Price of Gasoline 


Not even the President can control the price of gas. Part 2:
How Oil Speculation and Energy Policy Impact the Price of Gas 
obama volt

This could be a joke, or it could be a hit piece. But it still isn't true.   Debunking the Pile of Lies in the 'Obama Volt' Video 

Take your time and work within your limitations.  How to Build a Tiny, Mortgage-Free Home Using Cash Only 
Another story of stuff. Photo Series of Students with All Their Belongings Critiques Consumerism
buried house
The interiors are crazy wonderful too. In The Netherlands, A Buried House Becomes A Mountain

coffee shop
Goodbye universities, bookstores, retail and office.   In the Future, Everything Will Be A Coffee Shop 


Economist Jeffrey Sachs on Poverty, Politics, Pipelines, and Protests  


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