Hello Again, Guacamole Friends,

Join us as we continue to follow along as Jackson Browne’s tour makes its way through California. We’re again highlighting excellent non-profit organizations along the way…

For Santa Barbara’s show on September 7th, we share an update on the state of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant that we told you about last week We are saddened that, in a late-night vote last Wednesday, California lawmakers voted to extend the life of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant for at least another 5 – 6 years past the original closure date starting in 2024. 

The legislation is contingent on the power plant getting federal funding from the $6 billion Civil Nuclear Credit Program which could reimburse California for the forgivable $1.4 billion loan it will give. PG&E applied for the federal funding on Friday. If not approved, PG&E shall return all unexpended and uncommitted loan moneys and the department shall immediately terminate the loan.” There is a possibility that if the “California Public Utilities Commission determines that enough renewable or other zero-emissions energy sources have come online in sufficient quantity to meet California’s reliability standards, Diablo Canyon may not be extended.”

Our friends at Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility in San Luis Obispo are reviewing the legislation to determine what additional state actions will be necessary and what will be the costs of those actions to state and federal taxpayers, PG&E, SCE, SDGE and CCA ratepayers - should Diablo continue to operate past the original closure date of 2024/25. Follow this emerging issue at: https://www.a4nr.org

On September 9th, we join the tour in Berkeley, and meet the Pacific Forest Trust -- Pacific Forest Trust’s mission is to sustain America’s forests for all of the public benefits of wood, water, wildlife, and people’s well-being, in cooperation with landowners and communities. Founded in 1993, now in their 30th year of conserving and restoring forests and shaping effective forest conservation, water, wildlife, and climate policies. They have a commitment to the whole forest, for nature and wildlife, as well as for people and rural economies. So far, they have conserved more than 300,000+ acres of vital forestland in the Pacific Northwest.

Pacific Forest Trust currently hold 34 conservation easements covering more than 110,000 acres in California and Oregon. Their climate and water policy proposals have become state and national law with global impact, managing forests to reduce CO2 emissions, produce water, and protect wildlife while also yielding sustainable timber products. Forests play a critical role in addressing climate change, ensuring water security, providing wildlife habitat, helping California, Oregon, and the nation to meet 30x30 biodiversity commitments, as well as provide recreation and sustainable job opportunities. Learn more at: https://www.pacificforest.org
Finally, we head to Lake Tahoe for a show on September 10th, and highlight The League to Save Lake Tahoe -- From their website: “Since 1957, the League to Save Lake Tahoe has protected this special place. The League is a solutions-oriented team who use innovation, boots on-the-ground action and a holistic approach to solve Tahoe’s environmental threats. The League to Save Lake Tahoe protects and restores the environment health, sustainability and scenic beauty of the Lake Tahoe Basin. We focus on water quality and its clarity for the preservation of a pristine Lake for future generations.”

A few of their current efforts include:

  • Tackling invasive species by improving transportation to prevent erosion and emissions, introducing micro-transit – scooters, bikes and shuttle vans – as Lake-friendly alternatives to the private car.

  • Combating pollution and advancing restoration by shaping environmental policy.
  • Recruiting public funding and fostering stewardship to create a litter-free Tahoe.

For more information, please visit: www.keeptahoeblue.org

Thank you everyone.
See you next week for some more great non-profits...

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