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We continue on the road this week, highlighting some incredible groups along Jackson Browne’s concert tour! Please read on and be inspired!

Staring on July 16th we’re in New York, meeting with our longtime friends at the Nuclear Information and Resource Service, a national non-profit organization devoted to a nuclear-free, carbon-free world. In New York, they have joined with 25 New York groups calling on NY Governor Hochul and state legislative leaders to enclose the biggest, most radioactive West Valley nuclear building during demolition to prevent plutonium and other radioactivity from spreading with the wind. Much radioactivity has heroically been removed by brave workers, but some is still there and could be released offsite in the air during the demolition of the reprocessing building. DOE refused to enclose it or to do real-time monitoring offsite!

It’s a critical issue and you can learn more about what you can do here: www.nirs.org/campaigns/west-valley/

On July 17th, we’re with Jackson in Philadelphia. Here we meet the Delaware Riverkeeper Network (DRN), who champions the rights of communities to a Delaware River and tributary streams that are free-flowing, clean, healthy, and abundant with a diversity of life. DRN was founded in 1988 upon the concept of personal and community responsibility for river protection. DRN has grown into a leading environmental organization with the ability to provide effective environmental advocacy, analyze technical studies and agency materials, implement cutting edge monitoring projects, and enforce compliance with environmental laws.

Visit DRN to learn more and also sign their letter to make the Delaware River along Philadelphia and Camden safe for primary contact recreation. Go to take action: at www.delawareriverkeeper.org

On July 19 th and the 20th, we’re in Virginia, with our friends at Clean Water Fund, where Virginia lawmakers caved to industry pressure, and pushed back deadlines for the state’s 2021 to-go foam foodware ban (polystyrene “clamshells”) until 2030 for most restaurants. Wasteful single use plastics cost businesses and taxpayers a fortune, and they’re trashing our water. Don’t wait for government to act on plastic trash. Remember, “We Can’t All Live Upstream!”

For Virginians, you can Sign the ReThink Disposable pledge today, at

On July 22nd, we’re in Baltimore and back with NIRS, who is also in Maryland working hard on the nuclear power issue. Maryland Senator Ben Cardin, along with fellow Democratic Senator Manchin, is one of the biggest nuclear power pushers in the US Senate. He is unjustifiably working to waste tens of billions of US tax dollars to bail out dirty, dangerous, expensive nuclear power which makes climate worse. That money must go for renewable sustainable energy and energy storage technologies that are the real climate savers.

And if you’re a Maryland-er, you can email Senator Cardin here, www.cardin.senate.gov/email-ben

Finally, on July 23rd we follow Jackson to Delaware, where we meet the Delaware Center for Justice, a 100-plus year old organization that listens, amplifies, and acts to seek justice for all Delawareans through advocacy and services. They provide state-of-the-art, evidence-based programming to clients, seeking justice for each individual and justice for all.

We are truly inspired by their work. Read about their amazing, innovative programs here:

We’ll “see” you next week in New York!

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The Guacamole Fund
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