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We’re continuing to follow Jackson Browne on his current tour, highlighting excellent non-profit organizations at his stops along the way. Soon the tour will be over, but these groups’ work will continue, every day. And it bears remembering that they need our support, every day. On this week’s tour dates, we introduce you to some of our favorites…

First stop is Eugene, Oregon on September 13th, where we meet Cascadia Wildlands. Cascadia Wildlands defends and restores Cascadia’s wild ecosystems in the forests, in the courts, and in the streets. We envision vast old-growth forests, rivers full of salmon, wolves howling in the backcountry, a stable climate, and vibrant communities sustained by the unique landscapes of the Cascadia bioregion.

Cascadia Wildlands is currently working with partners across the country to highlight the critical importance of protecting our remaining mature and old-growth forests for the clean water and critical habitat they provide and also for their immense ability to blunt climate change. Stand with us to tell President Joe Biden and his U.S Department of the Interior and U.S. Forest Service to permanently protect our remaining mature and old-growth forests as a necessary hedge against runaway climate change. For more info and to get involved, please visit: www.CascWild.org.

Next stop, Troutdale, Oregon, on September 14th . Here we celebrate Northwest Environmental Advocates, which works in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho for clean water and clean energy.  NWEA enforces the Clean Water Act against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), states, and individual polluters to provide cold, clean water for salmon and people. And NWEA works to build an energy future based on renewable energy and energy conservation. Among some of NWEA’s current efforts are: (1) cleaning up toxic and nitrogen pollution in Puget Sound; (2) controlling polluted runoff from logging and farming to save salmon; and (3) challenging utility plans to build new, costly nuclear power reactors while ignoring local energy options.  For more on NWEA’s litigation & advocacy visit: www.NorthwestEnvironmentalAdvocates.org

Finally, we visit Woodinville, Washington on September 16th and 17th. We celebrate Heart of America Northwest, who has led region-wide organizing for over 30 years to protect the Columbia River from the nuclear reactors and contamination from nuclear weapons plutonium production at Hanford, the most contaminated area in North America. A leak from a high-level nuclear waste tank was reported in 2021, but nothing is being done to stop the leak. Heart of America Northwest documented that the leak was known for over 2 years before being reported. The radiation is already at lethal levels 60 feet below the tank. The contamination is moving rapidly to the groundwater that flows into the Columbia River, threatening fish, drinking water and the health and Treaty rights of 3 Tribes. State and federal laws require leaking tanks to be emptied immediately, but Washington State agreed in August to just let the tank keep leaking for decades. Heart of America NW is coordinating with Tribes to take independent action to protect the River and stop the leak. You can add your voice by sending emails with one click at this link: https://actionnetwork.org/letters/ask-dir-of-ecology-watson-

and for more please visit http://www.hanfordcleanup.org

Thank you, friends, for following along with us throughout the tour. We’ll be back next week with more inspiring work from the great folks dedicated to creating a better world.

Tom, Paula, Diane and Jeff
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