Give the Gift of Knowledge...
Dear Friends,

Today is #GivingTuesday , a day specially dedicated to charitable giving. We know that there are many worthy charities that you can donate to, but we ask you to consider lending your support to WISE’s latest initiative and campaign, WISE Up , a campaign whose mission we know you support. Our aim is to stop all forms of hate, ignorance, xenophobia, and extremism. We know this is a daunting task for many.

That is where WISE Up comes in.

WISE Up is a tool designed just for you. As you leaf through the pages, you will find all that you need to know about Islam and Muslims contained in one place. If you are a policymaker, you can read about who American Muslims are, what challenges they face, and how they contribute to America. As an interfaith ally, you can read all about Islam, its history, and get clarification on terms like jihad , shari’ah and allegiance. If you are a parent or a social worker, you will have a toolkit that shows you how to keep your family and community safe from all sorts of online predators. If you are a Muslim activist, you will have a resource to help you defend yourself against detractors of Islam.

Everyone who has seen WISE Up says the same thing: “This educational tool will change the way people understand Islam and Muslims in America.”

By purchasing your copy , you will empower yourself to take action and become your own ambassador against all forms of hate.

Be the first to join this movement for knowledge. WISE Up will enable YOU to stop Islamophobia in its tracks and prevent extremists from spreading their false narratives.

Together we can uphold our shared values and create a world where human dignity and respect become the norm again.

With gratitude,

Daisy Khan
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Daisy Khan talks about the Sufi branch of Islam and why its adherents are targeted by ISIS.
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  • WISE Up Congressional Briefing - presenting the WISE Up Policy Brief
  • WISE Up Town Hall Dialogues - a heartland tour
  • WISE Up: A Learning Tool - online classes for clergy and activists
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