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October 2022
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October is Here!
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October is Here!
The fall crispness is in the air, and we at Limoneira are more than excited about the change of seasons – and the change in temperatures! Even though we don’t exactly have foliage here at the ranch, we do have a lot of reasons to celebrate the fall here – and we’d love to share them with you! Whether you’re into festive fall activities, making Halloween holiday treats or just love to hear what exciting things are happening on the Limoneira ranch, we have something we hope you’ll get giddy about!  

News And Business Updates
Great news to report! In a time of such economic challenges and downturns, Limoneira Company is thrilled to report that our hard work by all of our Limoneira teams has resulted in another successful quarter, growing its revenue by 20 percent compared to the year prior, hitting $58.9 million.

Harold Edwards, President and Chief Executive Officer of Limoneira Company says, “Operating income increased over 200 percent and our top line by 20 percent, driven by record avocado revenues and increased fresh lemon sales in the third quarter of fiscal 2022.”

Fresh utilization allowed the passionate sales and marketing team to successfully market Limoneira fresh lemons throughout the year. Plus, the avocado segment has almost doubled year-over-year resulting in record avocado revenues of $12.6 million in the third quarter of 2022. This is so exciting to everyone at Limoneira as it has been a collective effort to not only grow the most fresh, juicy, and healthy citrus and avocados one can find, but also a concerted effort to distribute our citrus varieties and avocados across the globe! 

Don’t take our word for it, you can take the governing third parties of environmental practices who have again verified how sustainable Limoneira truly is! The new section on Sustainability within the Limoneira website shares exactly how our efforts are making our growing practices, operations, and company overall environmentally sound and a real leader in environmental innovation. The data here confirms what we’ve found as well, that we are one of the premier integrated agribusinesses in the world!

From our pillars of renewable energy, healthy soil systems, biodiversity, and water stewardship, Limoneira is making a difference in the world of agriculture by implementing a variety and large range of initiatives that make a difference and create an impact – and such a positive one! Practicing these environmental management methods protect the health of the land, surrounding communities, and is the true way to produce the finest, freshest fruit. Read all about the latest in environmental practices that has helped make Limoneira a global leader in agribusiness! 

An Evolution - Limoneira's Packing Houses!
Limoneira’s original packing house, recognized as a historical site, is celebrating its 100-year anniversary after being in use since 1923. As Limoneira continued to grow its reach around the world with the One World of Citrus™ business model, we found that we had outgrown the maximum capacity at this beloved packing house.

In 2015, Limoneira built its current 80,000 square feet state-of-the-art packing house, which can wash, sort, and pack up to 2,400 cartons of lemons per hour! We’ve come a long way with how many lemons can be packed and prepped, proving yet another way Limoneira’s innovations can help provide year-round premium quality fresh citrus to our global customer base.

Boo! Edible Haunted Houses! 
What’s better for Halloween than a spooky Haunted House? One that is also edible and delicious! Megan Roosevelt, aka the Healthy Grocery Girl, dons her witchy hat to set the stage – and mood– in building these delicious houses featuring Limoneira® citrus! Graham crackers, chocolate, and citrus all work together to create a fun, yummy showcase for your Halloween festivities. Plus, the dark chocolate pumpkins are bite-sized pieces of heaven! See what makes these desserts spook-tacular and check out this festive video above! 

Industry Happenings
Our team is excited and gearing up for the Global Produce & Floral Show – October 27 – 29th in Orlando, Florida. We love the chance to hear all about the latest in the industry, plus share our One World of Citrus™ with retailers and people from around the world! The show always is abuzz, so we can’t wait to be right in the center of it all! If you’re there, stop by booth #3271 and say hello!

Instagram Buzz
There’s a lot of fun happening on our social channels, and we hope you’ll giddy up on over there to see how teams of mules originally pulled our harvested fruit to the packing house! Today, we are much more efficient and use trucks pulling “straddle” trailers, which pick up a stack of 24 field bins in one smooth lift! Then, off to the packing house.

What we especially love to share is how, even with our current modern machinery, every piece of Limoneira® citrus from 1893 till now has been hand-touched by a person dedicated to providing our customers with the best quality citrus.
Get Ready For The Pumpkin Chucker
It’s that time of year again and the crowds that come to the Rotary Club of Santa Paula’s Pumpkin Patch at Limoneira Ranch are in for a real treat! Typically, 20,000 people from Southern California (and beyond) visit the Limoneira Ranch for so much fall fun during October. Each year the Rotary Club strives to make the Pumpkin Patch bigger and better with great food, crafts, live entertainment, an FFA Petting Zoo, famous 5-acre Corn Maze, and, drumroll …. the Pumpkin Chucker! That is so much fun and worth the trip right there! For more information visit

What In the World - Fall Festivals & Huge Pumpkins
Fall festivals are happening now across the USA, and this one in Ohio is in the top 20 of the country! What we really admire is the dedication some folks have to growing the largest pumpkins. Here at the Circleville, Ohio PUMPKIN SHOW, they’re showing off with pomp and circumstance! Last year’s was 1850.5 pounds! They had some close competition though, as a few others were almost as big! This festival has pumpkins and gourds as far as the eye can see, as well as street fairs, rides, arts, crafts, and even a pageant. This shouts “Americana” fall fun for sure! 

Winner of the Month
Congratulations to Colleen Galatola from Brick, New Jersey! Your commitment to our Limoneira e-newsletters has paid off! You are our lucky winner of the month and we appreciate your support to Limoneira and all things citrus! We hope you’ll keep enjoying our monthly updates as we can’t do it without wonderful people like you, our monthly readers! We hope you all will continue to stay in touch with all of our happenings here at the ranch. 

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