Supreme Court Puts Law on Hold
LA to Defend Law Before Court
Dear Pro-Life Friends,

In case you missed it, last night the Supreme Court put our admitting privileges law on hold, most likely pending a full hearing on the merits of the law within the next 12-18 months.

It's important for us not to read too much into this procedural decision. The state now has the chance to make a case to the court of why this common-sense law should go into effect. The Supreme Court, with a different composition than it had in 2016, now has the opportunity to alter its decision striking down a similar (but different) Texas law. The Supreme Court should get out of the business of regulating abortion and let the state do its job!

For nearly five decades the abortion industry has fought against every common-sense health standard we have tried to put in place. This appeal to the Supreme Court is just the next example of the lengths this for-profit industry will go to protect their business.

We will never let Louisiana become the next New York where abortion-on-demand reigns with no standards and no questions asked! Thanks for your support as we proceed in this fight.

For a Pro Life Louisiana,