A Look Back at Q3 2016

The first Spanish explorer to reach Panama was Rodrigo de Bastidas who sailed from Venezuela along the Caribbean coast in 1501 in search of gold.

Formed in 1913, Gatun Lake is the fourth largest manmade lake in the world.

3rd Quarter Executive Review
A Note from OnQ's President, Tom Mathews

It is hard to believe another quarter is behind us. As we continue to grow and build OnQ, each quarter brings new benchmarks, challenges, decisions and celebrations.  OnQ has been, and always will be, differentiated by our commitment to uncompromising quality.  During Q3, OnQ continued to focus on delivering high quality agents and associates to meet the market demand without sacrificing quality. Kudos to the training team for increasing the number of new resources joining OnQ while continuing to focus on the quality our clients expect from their respective teams.
On Corporate Culture... At a certain point in any company's growth spectrum, it becomes challenging for owners and managers to be the sole promoters and cheerleaders of a company's culture and values. It is like raising a child... there comes a time you must let go and trust you have raised them to make good decisions with high ethical and moral standards. Writing this from the Santiago office, I am so pleased to see our core values on the walls, in every workstation, and referenced in employee-to-employee discussions:   Commitment to Quality,  Exceptional Work Ethic,  Innovation,  Integrity,  Open Communication and  Sense of Urgency.
Client Survey - Thank you to our clients who took the time to complete the Client Survey. It is worth noting that over 90% of our clients are meeting or exceeding their production goals and 90% of our clients named OnQ as their "Most Trusted Global Partner".  100% rated OnQ's quality as Good, Great or Excellent and 100% of our clients would recommend us to a friend. There were also some suggestions for improvement that we are taking to heart. We appreciate the feedback. Rest assured we will continue to strive to get better.
Market Observations... Trish and I attended HBMA and RBMA during the third quarter. It was wonderful to spend time with existing customers and meet prospective customers. I spoke with many business leaders familiar with outsourcing and several who are considering it. The top three issues in their considerations remain: Quality (which includes employee attrition), price and proximity (convenience and stability). Consumers of outsourcing are highly thoughtful in measuring the actual financial benefit recognizing savings can quickly evaporate if all of the work must be QA'ed back in the States or they are having to reinvest in training due to high attrition numbers.  

OnQ University... If you ever want to get a look at the DNA of our company, OnQ U is the place to do it. 110 employees showed up on a Saturday in August to continue to learn, grow, share and improve by attending classes taught by Managers and Supervisors who were hired as agents less than three years ago and are highly competent subject matter experts today. It is a great thing to see in action.

As always, a note of thanks to our clients... our partners... without whom none of this is possible. Thank you!

Annual Client Survey
One of OnQ's six core values is "Commitment to Quality".  In order to continually improve our performance, we request insight from our clients via an annual survey.  The results of this year's survey show overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding customer service, training, technological support, team interactions and other important subjects. When asked about the effectiveness of OnQ teams, 100% of our clients agree that their set production goals are being met.  

While production is a daily focus, recognition as a valued and trusted partner ranks at the top of importance to OnQ's Executive Team.   OnQ's organizational vision reads, "OnQ is the most trusted global partner, delivering solutions that improve business service processes, yielding unimaginable benefits to its customers."    90% of respondents agree that OnQ is their most trusted global partner.   If you are interested in exploring a partnership with OnQ, please contact us.   
Learn more about our Vision, Mission and Values at www.onqoc.com

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Congratulations to the following team members who have been promoted to Team Leaders, Supervisors or Management:

Team Leads:
Robb Ashmore
Aaron Carrion
Dali Castulovich
Carmen Mendieta
Christie Perez
Moises Vallejos
Manuel Villalba

Mirna Caballero 
Katherine Castro
Karla Ferran 
Omar Hidalgo 
Daniel Pineda
Ivan Saavedra 
Assistant Manager:
Grabiel Abrego

Office Manager:
Jennifer Bishop

Smile Patrol
Providing exceptional customer service is our goal every day and good telephone demeanor begins with a smile.  OnQ has created a top secret team called the "Smile Patrol" assigned to catch our employees smiling on calls, while walking around the office or out and about around town!  OnQ's secret patrol will be watching for smiles and will be awarding random prizes on a weekly basis.  

The following associates were recently "busted" by the Smile Patrol and awarded certificates and cash! 
  • Mercedes Hernandez
  • Hector Flores
  • Lolina Samudio

Employee Events

OnQ's focus on creating a fun, people-centered work environment is bolstered by the creativity of its associates.  OnQ's employees participated in monthly fun theme and treat days planned by our Employee Events Committee.  

Decade Day saw costumes from the 50s-90s!

Lots of treats were served during Q3 - Lollipop Day was a bit hit!