A Review of Q2 2017
Aydee Riera
Christopher Columbus arrived at what is now known as Bocas del Toro in October 1502 on his fourth voyage to the New World. 

The Chiriqui Gulf Marine National Park was founded in 1994 to protect about 36,400 acres of coral reef, mangrove swamps and marine meadows.

Q2 Executive Look Back
A Note from OnQ's President, Tom Mathews

Q2 was yet another busy period here at OnQ. We were fortunate enough to have four clients visit us in Panama from April through June. This is always a busy, productive and highly beneficial use of time...the customer gets to know their workforce through additional training sessions, as well as simply spending time together. The clients gain additional insights into OnQ operations and OnQ improves it's understanding of the customer goals and expectations. Everyone typically exits this process reinvigorated in the partnership. If it has been a while since you have visited us in Panama maybe it's time to consider a trip.
OnQ participated in two tradeshows in Q2 and for the first time Panamanian team members attended these US conferences. It was enlightening for them to see for themselves the clients and partners we are working with in the U.S. who welcomed them into the associations. It was very energizing.
OnQ University, our quarterly credit-based education program, is still going strong and continues to support OnQ's growth and reinforces our focus on employee training and development.  In April a total of 120 associates representing all of our clients attended evening and weekend classes, garnering whopping 310 credits! 
On a macro level, many of our clients have shared concerns or questions about the shift in the U.S. from a Democrat-led government to Republican. Trump campaigned aggressively on changing the healthcare system. This prompted many of our customers to take a wait and see attitude with regard to making changes within their own organization. Despite the fact that Republicans hold majorities in all three houses of government, they have not yet been able to repeal or replace Obamacare. Regardless of what happens, it seems the number of uninsured will continue to rise for the foreseeable future.  That is bad news for Americans and creates its own challenges for our customers when coupled with the lowest U.S. unemployment rate in nearly two decades.   Roughly half of OnQ customers chose to expand with OnQ during Q2. Thank you for your continued commitment and trust in OnQ!
Other happenings...OnQ Futbol. Third place in league play. In the market for a new coach...enough said.
I had the good fortune of visiting Santa Catalina during Q2. This beach/surf town is located about 90 minutes away from our Santiago office on the Pacific Ocean. If you are visiting us in the coming months and have a weekend in Santiago, I highly recommend this beautiful place.
Thanks again to our customers and partners. We appreciate you!

- Tom

Select Speaking  Engagements 
Two of OnQ's executives were chosen to speak on behalf of the Healthcare Billing Management Association ( HBMA).   We invite you to join us at these upcoming events!  

Jack McBride will be hosting a webinar on Tuesday, August 8 at 1:00 p.m. EST entitled "Key Performance Indicators: Metrics that Matter" which will discuss methods to create and measure unique KPIs that indicate business performance.  For more information and to register, please CLICK HERE.  

Tom Mathews  will be conducting a breakout speaking session during the 2017 HBMA Revenue Cycle Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.  The session, titled "Above and Beyond the Call: Anatomy of Patient Services Call Center", will highlight the role the call center plays in healthcare, its impact on financial performance and tips for establishing a successful operation. For more information and to register for the conference, please CLICK HERE.

RBMA and Imagine Users Conference
OnQ was a proud sponsor of RBMA's 2017 PaRADigm and the Imagine Users Conference.  Both meetings centered around hot topics, trends and upcoming changes affecting the healthcare industry.  

If you attended RBMA, you may have seen a new face at the OnQ booth.  We were thrilled to have Juan Correa, Manager - Development Department,  join us in Chicago. It was Juan's first trade show, but it certainly won't be his last!

Juan with Sam Kashman - Imagine CEO
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OnQ is creating a new type of labor partnership based in results, integrity and transparency.  We're pulling back the curtain to show you a  behind-the-scenes look at our offices in Panama and share OnQ's latest news.  Please follow us on LinkedIn , Twitter  and Instagram  and l ike us on  Facebook
Community Engagement: Global Running Day
As a company, OnQ is always looking to lend support and participation to worthy causes, both locally and globally. In June, we participated in the  #globalrunningday  created for people around the world to celebrate the joys of running and a fit, active lifestyle. People all over the world logged miles to bring awareness to the Million Kid Run, which seeks to get a million young participants in this amazing worldwide initiative.   To learn more please visit   https://globalrunningday.org.

Congratulations to the following team members who have been promoted to Team Leaders, Supervisors or Management:

Team Leads
Zugeylis Aparicio
Jair Campana
Celia Ortega
Joaquin Ramos
Giovanni Hernandez
Belkis Mendez
Miranda Miguel
Ayescka Ramos
Karis Torres

Assistant Managers
Francisco Bonilla
Karla Ferran
Lucas Fuentes

Juan Correa

Employee Events

OnQ's focus on creating a fun, people-centered work environment is bolstered by the creativity of its associates.  OnQ's employees participated in monthly fun theme and treat days planned by our Employee Events Committee.  To see more behind the scenes details and pictures, follow along on our Facebook page.  

During Q2, OnQ celebrated our associates with treat days, cash raffles, and dress up days.  Plenty of time was spent on the field cheering on our futbol team who had a successful 6-2 season placing 3rd overall in the league! Thank you to the players and the best cheering section around! 
OnQ FC Team
OnQ FC Team