A Review of Q4 2016

El Parque Nacional Volcán Barú, the national park located ne ar Boquete, is home to unique species of orchids and uncommon flora such as magnolia and oak trees - some of which are 900 years old.

Roughly 22% of the country of Panama is located within  14 national parks.

2016 Executive Look Back
A Note from OnQ's CEO, Jack McBride

I would like to thank our clients, vendors, employees, partners and friends for supporting OnQ through its infancy, adolescence and now into our early stages of maturity.  It's hard for me to put into words how very fortunate I feel to have such a supportive group who always cheer us on!  We could not have succeeded without you, and for that, I am truly thankful.

I hope that 2016 was a wonderful year for you and you find yourself excited about 2017.  Given the recent turn of the calendar year, it seems now is a good time to reflect upon 2016.

OnQ had a busy year...below are a few highlights:
  • OnQ University launched in January 2016 with much success! During 2016, we offered 33 sessions facilitated by various OnQ staff members and guest speakers from OnQ clients.   A sampling of topics include customer service skills, English language improvement, tips and tricks for navigating systems, improving technical skills (i.e. typing), improving personal finance (budgeting), safety and inclusiveness in the workplace and listening skills. Each participant was awarded 3 educational credits per session to be applied towards their annual continuing education requirements and I am proud to say that our staff earned a combined total of 1,402 credits this year! If you are an OnQ client and are interested in providing class instruction to OnQ employees, please contact us for more information.
  • OnQ held its first leadership retreat in March 2016.  These retreats are focused on improving leadership skills through training and development with all individuals in a leadership role.  The curriculum focuses on managerial skills to help our leaders interact within all levels of the organization as well as communicating with clients, vendors, partners and other stakeholders.  We believe that OnQ's future lies in our leadership team and we are committed to developing their skills for the benefit of the company and our stakeholders.
  • Near the end of 2015, OnQ completely filled its original building, which contains approximately 120 work & training stations.  By the end of 2015 OnQ secured space in a second building ("Plaza Sicilia") located just a block and a half away.  During 2016, OnQ expanded its presence in Plaza Sicilia.  Our increased capacity is expected to sustain our growth through 2017 and we are currently working to secure additional space that will support our growth through 2018.
  • We understand the importance of reliability, so we built upon our 2015 infrastructure investments by adding an additional Internet service provider to offer redundancy.  As a result, we experienced 99.9% internet availability during 2016.  An additional generator was installed to ensure back-up to any unexpected power outages.  We are very pleased with these results and will continue to focus on providing uninterrupted service in 2017 and beyond.
  • At OnQ we believe in working hard AND playing hard!  Part of our play comes in the form of our soccer team, OnQ Futbol Club (OnQ FC).  Soccer is really big in Panama and I am proud to say that we had an excellent season.  It doesn't get any better than winning the championship!  By defeating Microfeed in the championship game, OnQ was able to take the cup!  This was only our second year in one of the most competitive leagues in the city, as well as the most publicized, and we came out the champions!  A special thanks goes out to the OnQFC as well as all of the OnQ employees who came out in droves to support our team.  Vamos Equipo!  (Go Team!)
OnQ has several initiatives aimed at improving our company for the benefit of our clients and other stakeholders for 2017 and beyond. 
  • Education and training programs, including OnQ University, will continue to be refined to ensure we are providing the best possible outcomes for our clients and our employees.
  • Leadership retreats will continue throughout 2017.
  • Expansion of building space will occur in our Plaza Sicilia location and we will continue to assess options for 2018 and beyond.
Our number one goal for 2017 is the same now as it has been in the past - to pursue our Vision and our Mission, while acting in accordance with our Core Values. 
  • Our Vision: OnQ is the most trusted global partner, delivering solutions that improve business service processes, yielding unimaginable benefits to its customers.
  • Our Mission:  To redefine the customer experience through inventive outsourcing solutions.
  • Core Values:  Commitment to Quality, Integrity, Innovation, Open Communication, Exceptional Work Ethic and Sense of Urgency.
We believe that if we continue operating within these parameters we will help our clients succeed, and as a result, we will succeed.  We are very fortunate to have such strong support from all of you and we thank you for letting us be a part of your team.  We wish you all a happy, prosperous 2017 and look forward to working with you all for years to come.

With sincere thanks,

Jack McBride

Executive Promotion Announcement
Effective November 8, 2016 Sean Hammerle was promoted to to Vice President of Operations and Development.  Sean has been with OnQ since its inception, and his experience, expertise and knowledge provide an invaluable resource to OnQ and to the employees and clients he serves. 
Sean has been instrumental in growing the company and in providing exceptional guidance and leadership to our teams. He has played an integral role in expanding our community and business network within Panama, and he continues to expand OnQ's path toward the future.   Most recently, Sean developed OnQ University - a quarterly, credit-based continuing education program for all OnQ associates. 
Please join us in congratulating Sean on this well-deserved promotion!

Don't Miss Out!
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Congratulations to the following team members who have been promoted to Team Leaders, Supervisors, Managers or to Human Resources:

Team Leads
Giovanni Hernandez
Christie Perez
Francisco Bonilla
Lucas Fuentes
Ivan Saavedra

Senior Supervisors
Juan Correa: Quality Assurance
Lucas Fuentes: Training Team
Armando Lee

Assistant Managers
Deyvis Castillo
Obed Peart
Human Resources
Ida Sukamyuni - Assistant HR Coordinator
Karis Torres - Assistant Trainer

Community Engagement
OnQ believes in the importance of supporting our local community in Santiago.  O ur Employee Events Committee created a company wide initiative  to benefit Asilo de San Juan, which houses and  cares for 53 elderly residents. 

After several weeks of collecting toiletries and cleaning supplies, employees delivered the items and spent time with the residents on a Saturday afternoon.

Employee Events

OnQ's focus on creating a fun, people-centered work environment is bolstered by the creativity of its associates.  OnQ's employees participated in monthly fun theme and treat days planned by our Employee Events Committee.  To see more behind the scenes details and pictures, follow along on our Facebook page.

October is an employee favorite at OnQ! Halloween brought decor and costumes to the offices, with cash prizes for the best!  Check out pictures on our Facebook page by clicking here

In November, we recognized El Mes de la Patria (Panama's month of Independence) by dressing in traditional Panamanian dress to the office.