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OnQ Quarterly - Volume 1, Issue 3
A Look Back at Q2 2015


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The oldest continually operating railroad is in Panama. It travels from Panama City to Colon and back.


Panama City is the only capital city that has a rain forest within the city limits.

OnQ Expansion
OnQ's expansion of its Contact Center and Labor Outsourcing operation is underway with an anticipated completion date in Summer 2015. Driven by market demand, this project includes additional office space and training facilities that will significantly increase OnQ's capacity.  When complete, OnQ will be recognized as Santiago's largest employer.
AHRA Speaking Session
OnQ's CEO Jack McBride was selected as a speaker for the 2015 AHRA 2015 Annual Meeting to be held July 19-22 in Las Vegas. He will present "Six Sigma Meets Business Intelligence" discussing process improvement, reduction in variability and a standard of measurement to gauge performance. For more information about the conference, please visit http://www.ahraonline.org/AnnualMeeting.
What's the Big Deal about Big Date? Save the Date for a Complimentary Webinar
By now you've probably heard the term and seen some buzz around the concept of "Big Data", but do you know what it is and how it can impact your operation? OnQ will be offering a complimentary webinar on Tuesday, August 25 that will demonstrate methods of extracting meaningful data from multiple sources and leverage it to be a part of the solution to control spiraling healthcare costs.  Register for this timely session by clicking here.

Congratulations to the Q2 Award Recipients!

OnQ's recently launched "Innovation Award" has inspired our associates to develop creative solutions that enhance the way OnQ conducts business and yields benefits to our clients.  A team of peers meets monthly to review submissions and has selected the award recipients recognized below.  


Alexander wrote a script in Visual Basic which automated a manual task of editing files containing electronic payments information so they could be imported into Imagine.  Alexander's solution saves OnQ and our client's time by eliminating a manual process.  



Eduardo took the initiative to create an internal website (intranet) that will allow supervisors, managers and clients to research information about our agent's skills and provide a ranking system between agents. The site tracks quality, average handle time, productivity, KPI's, scheduling, attendance and more! 


Patricia developed a metric tracking system to monitor agent performance on her team.  Her tracking system works for all types of projects and can show information to agents, supervisors, managers and clients.


Jorge took the initiative to create two detailed procedure guides for multiple job functions which include ERS Exceptions and Manual Batch Log. Jorge did this so that current and future employees have a good understanding of the processes involved in these projects. 

Corporate Soccer Tournament

OnQ has been gearing up for the Santiago Corporate soccer tournament coming up in August. OnQ plans to have one or more teams - there is much athletic talent on our staff!
University of Panama - English Debate
The University of Panama - Santiago asked OnQ to chair the judging panel for the English Department Debate Tournament that included several OnQ employees.
Red, White and Blue
OnQ's recently formed an Employee Events Committee dedicated to creating a culture of fun in the workplace including theme days and periodic activities. As a kick-off and to celebrate the U.S. Independence Day, employees sported their red, white and blue to the office!

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