Once Upon a Time two friends decided to make a Fairy Tale Village, complete with a magical Castle, a beautiful Princess, a handsome Prince, and so much more. The castle is finally ready for you, and you'll be so excited to know that Evy (A Bit of Stitch) will be making all the people (along with unicorns and dragons) as soon as she has time! I can't wait to see what she'll come up with!
Spooky and I had a blast making the castle (you can see him testing out the comfy moat blocks while he dreams of being a dragon), and we'll be starting on the next piece of the Village soon. While I love the very pink, flowery castle (doesn't every castle need flowering vines growing up the walls and pink towers?), you can also make a more traditional castle. This is obviously how the castle looks before the Princess moves in!! 😋
I can't stop playing with the drawbridge and portcullis! Every time I walk by the castle, I lower the drawbridge, raise the portcullis, and giggle a little bit.
The Moat quilt squares, which come in two different sizes, are included with the Castle. The whole set can be made with a 5x7 hoop, but if you have larger hoops, you'll have fewer castle pieces to make. The Once Upon a Time Castle is on sale now!
I decided to play around with an older set this week, and I just had to revise it to include larger designs so I could use my new hoops! Vintage Squares, which originally only had 4" and 5" designs, now includes 6" and 8" squares.
If you've already purchased Vintage Squares, you just need to download it again to get all the new sizes. If you don't have it yet, it's on sale this week!
The Vintage Square Companions are also on sale. This set has a bunch of designs, which each come in four different sizes to match all the Vintage Squares. Use them on small projects, or combine them to make stunning borders or all-over embroidery. There is a little bitty freebie waiting for you that goes with this set. Click here to find it, and look for the "Download Freebie" button on the page.
This morning I made a pretty placemat and matching coaster for my afternoon tea. How did I ever survive without these lovely large hoops?! The coaster is from All About Blanks.
I hope you're all staying warm with this crazy cold weather we're having - I'm especially thinking of all you in Texas right now - hope your power/heat/water comes back soon! A fire-breathing dragon would come in hand right about now, wouldn't it (hint, hint Evy!). Thank you all so much for reading, and have a great week!