Comprehensive film distribution requires success in many different areas: (1) Obtaining theatrical distribution, (2) Publicizing and marketing the film, (3) Encoding and packaging the film for the digital platforms, (4) Submitting the film to the major cable VOD stations, and (5) Marketing DVDs of your film to the large DVD wholesalers.
That's 5 big jobs to do. 
Are you willing to do this on your own? Or are you resigned to spending a budget-breaking sum to hire separate specialists for each of these tasks? Or perhaps you can do a few of these jobs yourself and hope for the best.
Our CINEMAflix DISTRIBUTION Program handles ALL 5 jobs for one low price. We're truly the One Call Does It All company. Check out our website, www.cinemaflixdistribution.com, for details and costs, or call me directly at 1-212-628-4990 or  eskanbar@aol.com.

Instead of burning down the customary system of releasing movies, Amazon is ready to become a full-fledged studio. Amazon will emphasize having their films screen in theaters. They believe showing a movie on the big screen gives it a patina of respectability.   ---Brent Lang, Variety.com.

Last month I listed the 5 greatest screenwriters chosen by the film staff at NEW YORK magazine. Omitted was perhaps one of the greatest of them all, Joseph L. Mankiewicz.
He wrote the screenplays for 37 films. Six films were nominated for an Oscar: Skippy, The Philadelphia Story, No Way Out, 5 Fingers, The Barefoot Contessa, and Sleuth. He won a screenwriting Oscar for two films: A Letter to Three Wives, and All About Eve.
Hollywood studios are expressing great concerns about the growing impact of streaming giants like Netflix, Apple iTunes, and Amazon. These companies threaten the studios in the following ways: (1) They do not have the huge overheads for marketing and advertising, (2) Their films can be accessed for years, providing them with a steady flow of income, (3) They have a base of millions of people they can draw on, and (4) They have the cash to outbid the studios for sought-after films. The film industry is changing. Big time!



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