I hope this finds you safe and healthy. As the days and weeks roll on through this new reality, our community continues striving to find ways of staying meaningfully connected while physically apart. We have faced tragedy and disappointment together. Many hardships, great and small, have touched us in different ways - including the loss of graduation rituals for seniors this week. But we can only respond to them one way, united in our steadfast care for one another.

You will notice this in our shift toward a more kinetic site for COVID-19 resources, with the BC High Connects page being rolled out and updated as we work through this situation together. All of our resources will be gathered on this page as we work to keep each other connected, from alumni network tools and parent information to spiritual fellowship - including our popular Sunday livestream Masses, for which we are so thankful to our supportive Jesuit Community.

Through it all, it helps me to remember: that which is invisible has always made us indivisible. In the early years of our faith, Christian communities were separated by hundreds and thousands of miles. They felt perhaps as we feel now - isolated and anxious. But they were never alone. We know that God's love connects us across all time and distance.

That is what St. Paul meant when he wrote, "though I am absent from you in body, I am present with you in spirit." It's a sentiment with which I think all of us are familiar, though the true meaning of those words has never been more evident than in our present day.

I felt this so strongly when, for the first time in nearly two months, our campus bustled with life last week. The parking lot outside McNeice Pavilion, normally full of cars belonging to our students and faculty, was like I had never seen it. Orange cones and staging tents, gigantic milk trucks, heroes dressed in police and military uniforms filled the pavement. And as we distributed nearly 8,600 gallons of milk to our brothers and sisters I imagined your hands holding every gallon.

BC High has never been just a place. Not in nearly a century in the South End, nor in the near century we have spent in Dorchester. We are a people - one community, united in one mission - and we are always together in spirit.

Grace Regan P'12
Farmers Feeding Families on Morrissey Boulevard
As I mentioned above, we were humbled to have joined State Representative Shawn Dooley P’24, ‘26, Dairy Farmers of America, Vanguard Renewables and HP Hood LLC in the Farmers Feeding Families project last Thursday, helping to distribute ~8,600 gallons of milk alongside the Massachusetts National Guard, State Police, and Boston Police!

Honoring our Boys at the Senior Awards
On Friday, nearly 1,000 of us joined together to watch a virtual version of the Senior Awards ceremony premier live on YouTube. Though we all would have preferred to be together in McNeice, this was still a profoundly special opportunity to honor all their hard work this year, and throughout their time at BC High.
Eagle Virtual 5k Challenge a Success!
Thank you to everyone who participated in our Eagle Virtual 5k Challenge! Congratulations to all of our participants. Thanks to your hard work we’re all winners, with more than $27,000 raised for the Emergency Student Financial Aid Fund.

Arrupe Division
Aidan Cullinane '24 (‪19:57‬)

High School Division
Yixin Hu '20 (‪17:27‬)

Parents Division
Top Male Finisher: Christopher Cannell P'23 (‪21:06‬)
Top Female Finisher: Nina Egan P'14,'16,'19 (24:45)

Faculty/Staff Division
Top Male Finisher: Eric Mendoza (‪16:43‬)
Top Female Finisher: Katie McKiernan (24:32)

Young Alumni Division (2010-2019)
William Cole-French '19 (‪17:45‬)

Alumni Thoroughbreds Division (1990 - 2009)
Jack Maher '08 (‪18:47‬)

Alumni Masters Division (1974 - 1989)
Rob Galibois '88 P'20,'22 (‪22:50‬)

Alumni Grandmasters Division (1973+)
Joe Dempsey '72 (‪23:50‬)

Incoming Soon-To-Be Eagles Division
Matthew Maderos '24 (‪22:47‬)

National Teacher Appreciation Week
During last week's National Teacher Day we paused to thank our teachers for all that they do and more importantly, all that they are!

“Our students are blessed to be accompanied by a group of adults who care so deeply about them in their totality, across all of their dimensions. It provides the foundation for the special and unique nature of a BC High formation.

Long after they have left your classroom they will, in most cases, forget the specific content you taught them. But they will not forget you. The way you treated them, the way you respected them and made them feel valued and loved, the time you gave them when you had none to give - your presence. It is those learnings that will remain in their heart. These are the lessons that will form them into good workers, good husbands, good fathers - good men. This is the truly sacred work of teachers in our context. It is precious. It is gold. We acknowledge that especially today but thank you for doing this every day for our men.”

- Principal Adam Lewis
A Special Message for our Spring Athletes
Last week, Athletic Director Jon Bartlett ’87 delivered an inspiring message to our 2020 spring athletes:

“We want to thank you for the hard work you dedicated to prepare for this season. We know how disappointing it is losing the spring. But remember you are resilient, you are hardworking, you are a team player. You will use this adversity to make you better – both as a person, and an athlete.

Henry Ford said, ‘For the world was built to develop character, and we must learn that the setbacks and griefs which we endure help us in our marching onward.’ You will continue to grow through life’s many lessons. Thank you, BC High spring athletes. We are thinking of you. We hope you enjoy these photos from last spring to remind you that memories and friendships will last forever. The BC High bond will always stay strong.”
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