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A Letter from the Team at Children's Cove 
At the Children's Cove: The Cape and Islands Child Advocacy Center, our vision is to create a community where children are free of abuse, have a voice that is heard, and where they enjoy healthy, safe, and empowered lives.
As an organization which specializes and works with difficult topics like crimes against children, we recognize that difficult discussions lead to change.  No one in good faith of hope for a better world can turn a blind eye, or remain silent, about issues impacting the lives of people every day.
Racism is a deep-rooted and challenging issue with a history that has been intertwined with countless aspects of our society.   As an organization which prides itself in providing exemplary service for every family we support, in some of the most difficult times of their lives, we are always striving to improve. We recognize that we do not live in the most diverse area of our state or nation, however, it is our responsibility to learn and ensure we are providing the most comfortable and safe environment to everyone. Child sexual abuse has no boundaries for who it impacts; ensuring we are providing the best services to all is something we CAN control.
We stand against racism and inequity in any form and have spent the last few weeks REFLECTING, EDUCATING ourselves, LISTENING, and HEARING from our friends and partners of color. We continue our commitment to our entire community to ensure we provide safe spaces and services for everyone.
We would be remiss if we did not recognize the significant issues of racial injustice within our society today. As individuals, organizations, and a community we must take steps to make systematic changes and have hard conversations if we truly want to see justice and equality for all.

         Director, Children's Cove 
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