Friday, Nov. 10th - One day only!
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25% of all sales will be donated to GRSRS&EC!
Dear Golden Friends:
As most of you know from the last Gazette the date for the Mega Online Silent Auction has been changed to February 2018...

"For the Love of Goldens" Online Mega Auction
February 9th - February 14th, 2018 

For anyone just joining us we did this in response to the three hurricanes and the ongoing wild fires in California that are resulting in so much devastation, injuries and even deaths of people, domestic animals, and wild animals in unseen before  numbers.

Through YOUR SUPPORT, we were able to make direct financial donations to the three hurricane rescue sites we support and also a donation to our California rescue to help provide medical and supportive short term and long term care to the domestic and wild animals.

We posted in the last Gazette a list of CA Programs that need donations of money, all types of food and items small and large that they need to provide care. 

In the spirit of this posting we will donate the monies generated by our online Three Scoops of Vanilla jewelry event being held one day for GRSRS&EC by artist/owner Erin on Friday starting November 10th 12:01 AM EST and ending at 11:59 PM EST to provide domestic and wild animal medical care and permanent housing or reintroduction to the wild, to the California rescue program we support.

This jewelry event date was established last June as Erin likes to schedule the events quite a way ahead of the date it is held. We felt it is appropriate to hold this event and donate the monies generated to a 501(c)(3) organization in California that serves animals affected by this ongoing tragedy.

Thank you for sharing and supporting our program! 

Golden Retriever Senior Rescue Sanctuary and Educational Center, Inc.

Please share your Golden Oldies Gazette with your friends and if they are interested in receiving our Golden Oldies Gazette, email Joan at

"For the Love of Goldens" Online Mega Auction
February 9th - February 14th!

We've moved the date of our online auction to run from February 9th thru February 14th and will be themed "For the Love of Goldens" online mega auction! During this time you can show your love by bidding on items to help support the Senior Goldens! Perfect timing for Mother's Day and Father's Day Gifts, Graduation Gifts, Birthdays and every occasion when a gift would be appropriate.

We're excited about some of the donations we have received... like this beach paradise vacation in Kiawah, SC near historic Charleston! 

PLUS,  one of our great restaurants in Boston donated to the auction a Dinner for Two at the Top of the Hub! 

If you'd like to donate here are some ideas: Quilts...home-made or bought, throws of all kinds, wreaths (holiday or seasonal),decorative pillows, faux sheepskin items, spring bulb collection gift certificates, gift certificates for china or crystal, Sweaters for men, women, children and pets, unique leather items, pottery, gift certificates for dog/cat beds, jewelry of all kinds that feature gem stones or dogs/cats/horses, birds, horses, gift certificates for horse blankets, bird feeders, bird houses, decorated mailboxes, show leads for dogs of all sizes, knitted baby clothes, dolls, gift certificates for larger toys, use your imagination. 

Please ship your items to arrive by December 15th.

If you are interested in donating, items can be shipped to:
Golden Retriever Senior Rescue Sanctuary and Educational Center, Inc.
PO Box 484
North Reading, MA 01864

Thank You to All Our Anonymous and Caring Donors!

The Quarterly Gift drawing will be held on December 15th instead of the 31st due to holiday activities. This Special Thank You Gift is a wonderful gift certificate to The Hub Restaurant in Boston, MA.  If you live too far away to use this gift certificate for a festive  and special evening then consider giving it as a Holiday Gift.

November's Monthly " Golden Thank Yous" are being sent to all monthly donors, the back bone of our program's funding.

November's Monthly Wagatha's Organic Biscuits 20 Pound monthly gift packages to the Sanctuaries were made possible by Robin G. and Cindy Z.

Sky's Helpful Hints!
(Sky Puglia is pictured right) 
J ust because it is almost winter does not mean that you, your friends, family and pets can not be infected with Tick Borne Diseases such as Lyme.

A little looked for disease that is transmitted by a tick is Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. It is easily transmitted by ticks but requires a totally different test that the ones run in a regular tick titer profile test. Never rule out Rocky Mountain Spotted Disease without having a test specific for this disease done. This disease can now be found throughout the country in both people and pets.

"My Golden Tessa died last fall from complete kidney failure brought on by this disease. Her tick profile was normal but when things became grave  the special test for Rocky Mountain Disease was done, she was positive but the treatment was too late and my sweet Golden at 11 years of age who spent most of her time inside our home, sunbathing with her friend Sky on the porch and when outside was in a fenced in dog yard filled with sifted sand...was infected with this tick borne disease and died , and not in a quiet painless manner...she was conscious and sick until she died. This message is being written today in Memory of Tessa on the day she passed last year as a cautionary message for all dog owners and people too." 
- Joan Puglia, President/Founder, GRSRS&EC.

"Thanks for reading my tips! If you have one or want us to answer your golden questions, email mom at GO PATRIOTS! (Or whoever you root for this football season!)" - Sky Puglia
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