Whenever things get too overwhelming, my go-to technique has been to slow down, breathe, and deal with whatever is most important in the moment, even if that's just allowing emotions to bubble up and pass through me to be released.

With so much happening on so many levels, it's more important than ever to stay centered, grounded and present. Although the title of today's PGG from 2010 is One DAY at a Time, more recently I've been living more like TWO HOURS at a Time! From my experience, it's the way to go.

Actually, my goal is to get to one minute at a time because for a while now I have been experimenting with and observing the power in the present. I find in some ways you can squeeze more out of your day with less stress - even if it doesn't look productive on the outside or to your to-do list. It's about trusting yourself and what to do in any given moment because it just feels right. And when you are in that flow, everything happens exactly as it should, as I like to say, "in time and on time."

It's a practice, and a muscle I continue to exercise and be surprised and delighted by. I am pretty comfortable with the unknown, I think and plan as little as possible and go with the flow as much as possible, and because of that, little miracles and wonders occur all the time, like this fun afternoon in the park on Sunday

Of course not everyone's lifestyle and schedule can function like this 24/7 (and it doesn't mean challenges and stressful situations don't occur!), but no matter what your daily structure and obligations, you can find a way to be as present as you can be in any task at hand - allow yourself to feel and experience it fully no matter what.

The more of us who can stay in our bodies, moving and feeling through things as they come up or as we are inspired to do, the more we create a collective foundation of internal calm and grounded-ness when things are nowhere near that way in the external. Because our energy is contagious, when we are mindful of our own, we can make life better for everyone around us.

In other words, no need to be another MLK or Mother Teresa, just do some deep breathing and being! Stop and smell the roses. Lay on the grass in the sun. Listen to music that makes you feel good. Savor the food you eat. Laugh and dance more. Hug yourself and others. It's the simple things that make us human that will get us through the cuckcoo for cocoa puffs times we're in.

Also, being present in the moment creates opportunities you didn't expect, like when I reached out to talk to strangers who I explain here helped me birth my new book Say It To Make It: Affirmations to Empower the Heart, Mind, Spirit and Soul.

I made SIMTI as a tool to help start your day with some grounding, to get centered and connected to yourself - and because it's pocket-sized, you can carry it as a touchstone to reinforce those empowering thoughts and feelings throughout the day. Purchase on Amazon here and if you do, please consider writing a review and/or posting anything about it on social media with the hashtag #sayittomakeit. Click here for all the IG posts so far and scroll down to learn more and read what others are saying!

Today's PGG Video of the Week is about just being. This week's Instagram post about following the directive of one's own soul, and this one I made with groovy art about not being able to control life. And for today's PGG Vibe of the Week, ease into the weekend with Steely Dan's Time Out of Mind.

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Big Hug <3

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